Gabriele monte fashion retouching photographer from italy

Gabriele Monte a young retoucher photographer from Udina, Italy. At the moment, freelance. For several years he worked in fashion industry. At the same time I went to study, but having discovered this huge fashion world, he had to divide his usual

Video: rabbits raving rabbids traveling in time

A bit of an evening positive and five cartoons about rabbits from the same name game RAVING RABBIDS, traveling in time. Enjoy watching!

Tropical islands - europe's largest water park

Located just in 60 km. south of Berlin, this largest indoor water park in Europe is a real tropical paradise, an ideal holiday destination for the whole family.On an area of ​​66 thousand square meters in Tropical Islands housed everything that you

Jurassic park in hawaii

The most beautiful of Hawaii - Kauai. From the volcano there is a basaltic plateau, breaking into the ocean with tall green cliffs with hundreds of waterfalls. In the interior, you can climb the giant canyon, but most of the plateau is devoid of

Fantastic scenery of weerapong chaipuck

We all made plans for long trips, in search of unexplored places of our planet, for visiting amazing natural places. And our desire grows with renewed vigor when you see such pictures as photo Weerapong Chaipung.Weerapong photographer from Thailand,

Around the world: the 10 most impressive ruins of the inca

1. Moray (Moray), Peru.Ancient city Moray can be called the Inca Agricultural Laboratory. Here it is worth noting several circular terraces, which were probably used to study the effect of different climatic conditions on agricultural crops. The

Phone-computer tpm vipni from the designer imran sheikh

The concept of phone-computer TPM VIPNI - this is more than just a smartphone. The device belongs to the class ultra-mobile computers. Designer Imran Sheikh (Imran Sheikh) developed the concept of the device in order to demonstrate its idea of ​​what

Festival of light vivid sydney 2013 timelapse

And again Sydney is decorated with colorful lights, projections and installations. The festival of Bright Sydney began on May 24 and will end on June 10th. For the first time the symbol of Sydney Harbor Bridge became part of the festival.Music,

Stunning reconstruction of the old house - competent

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with one of the options for resolving the issue related to the need to expand your housing space and, accordingly, improve the living conditions of your family members. If you live in a private house and have

The artist and architect red hong yi and her unusual works

Hong Yi, nicknamed Red, is a Malaysian artist and architect. She received this nickname because her name, Hong, sounds like "red" in one of the Chinese dialects.Grandmother, grandfather and father of Yi Hong left Shanghai in the 60s, at the time of
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