Design of the bedroom for boys - more than 20 photo of the

Making a children's bedroom for a boy is problematic, but not very difficult. All children are different, with their own character, preferences, tastes. Therefore, parents and the boy himself, they know that they need to do this. To correctly think

Interior design of the bedroom in the mediterranean style

The bedroom in the Mediterranean style is perfect for romantic natures. About how to create a corner of the Cote d'Azur in your house or your own marble sea, we'll tell you in more detail. An elegant combination of neutral white with soft blue makes

Bedroom in empire style - photo examples of style features

More than two centuries ago, the Empire style appeared in France. The main features of the Empire style can now be seen in the design of museums or in the reconstruction of the premises of those times. However, in our time this style is popular -

Simplicity and elegance of the bedroom in country style (54

The bedroom in the country style is distinguished by its coziness, warm atmosphere. When decorating a room, you need to pay attention to all the elements: decoration, furniture and additional accessories. The bright, spacious bedroom is noteworthy

Design of a white bedroom in a classic style

The classic style of the interior is associated with impeccable taste, luxury, it always follows the traditions and rules. The bedroom in the house is the most intimate place where you want comfort, tranquility, serenity. That is why the option in

Bedroom in the style of minimalism - 70 photos of the

The most common style in apartments is minimalism, where everything is multifunctional, and is located in its place. In the bedroom in the style of minimalism everything is strictly and without excesses, bright accents are not appropriate, only

We choose children's modular furniture (66 photo-items)

Not so long ago, the children's modular furniture occupied its niche in the production of interior and furniture items. Initially, furniture for children differed except in size, but very soon the producers realized that their approach to making

Design of a small hallway in an apartment - 50 photos of

In any house design determines the overall atmosphere, mood and style of the interior. The hallway is the first thing a guest sees when entering an apartment. Often it is difficult for owners to equip a small hallway due to lack of space and fear of

Bedroom interior with photo wallpapers

The design of the bedroom with wallpapers can all become unique. This decor element is made of various modern materials, can cover all the walls completely, one of them or be an insignificant local addition. They are usually produced in rectangular,

Blue color in the interior of the bedroom

As a result of a survey conducted in 1974, American scientists found that blue is the most beloved one on the planet. Already in our century, following the results of a second study, it turned out that the first place was taken by a special shade
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