Bedroom design with dressing room- embodiments

A special room for storing clothes, an innovation of modern house-building, regulates the life of a person, making it much easier to clean. When designing a bedroom design with a dressing room, professionals rely on practicality and simplicity. The

Bedroom in eco-style - 55 photos of examples of special

In times of crazy speeds and neon technologies, the bedroom in the eco-style gives an opportunity to relax after a hard day's work. By immersing us in a warm and cozy atmosphere, which is pristine in the atmosphere, it brings back the natural forces

Design of a small bedroom in a modern interior

To equip a bed is a responsible task. More problems are caused by the design of the interior of a small bedroom: a small space needs additional tweaks that will help create a sense of comfort and simplicity. How to save space?A huge role is played

Design of a children's room for two children - ideas for

Children's design for two children is a real test for parents. During the repair, one has to think about safety, convenience of the interior, and also take into account the interests of each child, find a compromise in the design, accommodate a large

Bedroom design in lilac tones - a selection of successful

The design project for future repairs in the bedroom begins with the choice of a color solution. The main color, occupying the main place in the room, should meet the taste preferences of the owner and help create a proper atmosphere in the sleeping

Bedroom in two colors - photo examples how to decorate an

There are many options in which style to design a dwelling. Some designers believe that you need to adhere to the shades of one color, others - with both hands advocate for zoning and for the use of several colors. The second option is now more

Design of a bedroom with a cot +50 photo of room arrangement

Accommodation of adults together with the child in one room is convenient. Mom and Dad will be able to constantly monitor, comfortably take care of the baby. But for this they should conduct the correct design of the bedroom with a baby cot.

Modular bedrooms: an overview of the advantages and

Now modular bedroom furniture for many is more preferable, because its advantages are its practicality, mobility, comfort and the lack of complications with the use. Because rest is very important for a person, it is the bedroom that is the main

Chests of the bedroom - 60 photos in the interior

A chest of drawers, such an ordinary thing in an interior, is not at all a modern invention. The chest of drawers in French means "comfortable". The prototype of the chest was a chest, which was used in the interior for storing things, and could also

Variants of a design of a children's room on 9 sq. m. m

The presence of even a tiny bedroom is necessary for children of all ages. Own room will allow them to play comfortably and learn independence. Parents in turn should take care of the competent layout and design of the bedroom. The correct design of
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