Narrow bedroom - 57 photos of ideas how to design a design

If the apartment does not have narrow and long rooms, then the owners are very lucky. But if there is such a room, then this is not a problem. The design of a narrow bedroom can be properly thought out, that - it would be interesting, comfortable

Design of a children's room for a boy - 50 photos of

While doing the design of a children's room for a boy, it is worth considering the age of the child. If the crumb before 3 years can safely be placed in the parent bedroom and do not attach special importance to the design, the older child already

We decorate the bedroom for 6 sq. m. m +50 photo

Luxurious and spacious rooms give unlimited possibilities for design. As they say, the case for small: the idea of ​​the owner of the apartment and an amount of money to implement it. It is much more difficult when the room is so tiny that it is

The game on contrast - features of the wenge hallway (70

Hallway wenge, modern or country - all these styles have one characteristic feature, they convey data about the personality and qualities of their master. The visiting card of each human dwelling is a vestibule or a vestibule. It is she who reveals

Classic bedroom in english style (59 exquisite interiors)

The bedroom in the English style is a harmonious symbiosis of aristocratic luxury with elegant restraint. With the old England is often associated with the interior, which is dominated by the strict elements of the classics. But completely in vain.

Design a bedroom in the style of minimalism (44 concise

Modern fashion for austere and concise style in the interior is gaining more and more fans. The bedroom in the style of minimalism was no exception. Important spacious light room, restrained design, the lack of unnecessary furniture elements and

Design of an office in an apartment: 45 photos in a modern

Every self-respecting entrepreneur and any serious person should have a home office. It is important that the design of the office in the apartment not only pleased the eye, but also adjusted to the working mood. Having such a room at home, no longer

Modesty of the bedroom in high-tech style: how it can be

Many mistakenly believe that a bedroom in the style of "high-tech" is unacceptable. Like, this style is more suitable for a strict office or art studio. In fact, the right design will help create a cozy and beautiful room for sleep. A spacious

Bedroom cabinet design +75 photo zoning examples

Owners of small apartments have to refine themselves with the design of the premises and look for non-standard interior solutions. Combined zones - a stylish and versatile option. Modern design methods allow you to create two completely different

Bedroom design 16 sq. m. m +50 photos of interior ideas

In a one-room apartment, a living room can have a small area. Therefore, its design should be treated with special attention. The use of high-quality finishing materials, careful selection of furniture and decor will make it an excellent place for
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