Magnificent hallways in the art nouveau style: we decorate

Beautiful and original hallways in the Art Nouveau style are distinguished by their uniqueness. Over the years, designers are attracted by the artistry and luxury of this style, which allows you to create simply a chic interior in any room. Even

Bedroom in scandinavian style: 100 photos of unusual bedroom

Scandinavian style in the modern world has become very popular, we will analyze in detail all the nuances of this design direction. There are two types of this style, but everyone has complete harmony with the surrounding nature, lightness, some

Bedroom 12 sq. m. - 80 photo options how to design a bedroom

Many may argue that in the bedroom area of ​​12 square meters. m. It is very problematic to create coziness. But surprising is that in the world there are a lot of apartments with a layout, where the bedroom area is only 8 square meters. But, in this

Mirror in the bedroom - photo examples of accommodation in

Imagine, a room without mirrors is impossible, especially a bedroom, because every person strives to look good, like others, and in order to assess his appearance, he needs a mirror. And where is the best way to deal with your appearance? Of course,

50 gaming room design ideas

Own zone for games, reading and drawing allows each child to develop comprehensively. In this case, to carry out the original design of the game room is easy, following simple advice. First of all parents should choose the optimal theme and color

Design of a cozy children's bedroom

The child should have his own "small country", where he will play, learn, rest. The task of adults is to equip his "possessions" in such a way that he does all this with pleasure. Designing a children's bedroom is not an easy process, but very

Bedroom design 11 sq. m. m + 50 photos of interior examples

A small room for a bedroom should be properly organized, so that the room was functional, cozy, had enough free space. To do this, you need to think over every detail of the interior, furniture, decoration, lighting, color solution. If you correctly

Design of a children's room for two boys +164 photos of the

Each child surrenders to dreams of his own room, where he can become a full-fledged master. But modern realities are such that brothers and sisters often share one space for two. Designing a child's design for two boys in this case is harder than for

How to make an office in the loft style (40 photo interior)

Cabinet in the loft style is an interesting solution. The Cabinet is a place where you can not only remain alone with your affairs, but also relax your soul and think about your own. In this case, the ideal option would be a loft-style office. The

Successful interior design in the lobby

At the entrance to the big beautiful house, the first thing that a person pays attention to is the hall. This room gives the guest a first impression of the whole house. Even if your house does not have a large hall, but only a small room right after
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