Hallways in the corridor - 118 photos of the best ideas

What requirements should the modern hallways meet in the corridor? Furniture for the hallway should be comfortable and functional, because here we change shoes, leave outer clothing and shoes and, finally, meet the guests. In addition, it is

Bedroom design - 100 photos of unusual ideas in the interior

Coming home after a hard day's work, I want to relax. Lie on the bed, gain strength. But rest will not be full if the bedroom is not cozy. The bedroom is the room in which it should be as comfortable, cozy and comfortable for sleeping.

The basic accents of the french style in the interior of the

The French style in the interior of the bedroom is refinement, refinement, grace, romance and tranquility, luxury and pathos. All this is just a few words in comparison with how beautiful this style is in the interior. The main feature of the French

Children's room in the style of minimalism (40 creative

Children in the style of minimalism - very attractive, and most importantly, a practical solution. This style originates in the twentieth century - a century when technology and technology began to develop actively, along with such development,

Design a small bedroom 9 sq. m. m - 35 photos of the

A bedroom is a special place in every apartment. From the atmosphere in her depends the quality of sleep and mood the whole next day. Bedroom design 9 sq.m. not the simplest task: the place is limited, and the room wants to be cozy, stylish,

Features of the bedroom in the baroque style (55 photo)

The house is in colonial style, a baroque bedroom, an Empire-style living room ... All this in the post-Soviet space began to revive in the 90s of the last century. Then again began to appear rich people who aspired to underline the status, to show

How to design a children's room for two girls? (59 ideas for

The design of a children's room for two girls should not only be convenient and practical, but also beautiful. Each parent would like to give his child the best, and the children's room is no exception, especially if it is for two princesses. A

Bedroom with two windows on one and different walls

Rooms with two windows are found in ordinary city apartments (even in the Khrushchevka), and in private houses, so the options for their arrangement are interesting to many property owners. Thoughtful design of the bedroom with two windows will help

Bedroom design 4 by 4: design ideas

The choice of bedroom design 4 by 4 meters must be based on the practical benefits of further use of the premises. But what if the room has a small area? Another control tool is color, with its help you can achieve the necessary effect of visually

High-tech bedroom - 57 photos of ideas how to design a cozy

Are you active, energetic and dynamic? Then the hi-tech style is for you. This style is highly technological, unusual glass furniture, excellent functionality. That's why you can not remain indifferent to hi-tech, because it is just for young and
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