Chandelier in the bedroom - 100 photo design ideas in the

The chandelier plays a huge role in creating a comfortable interior of the room, in which it will be pleasant to stay during the rest. However, to choose beautiful, suitable for the style of interior lighting is very simple. Table of contents of the

Baby interior for newborn +100 photo examples

The design and arrangement of the children's room must be approached with special responsibility and love. The situation should reflect the care of parents, be safe and comfortable for the baby. Consider what details you should pay special attention

Design of a narrow hallway

Many people have heard about the importance of the first impression. In the apartment for this moment the anteroom answers. It is she who meets guests crossing the threshold of the dwelling. By its appearance and ergonomic arrangement it is possible

Stretched ceilings for the bedroom - 70 photos of original

The human body regularly requires time for rest. Therefore, one third of the time in our life is spent by any of us on rest in the bedroom. The better this room is decorated, the more pleasant it will be to rest. But what exactly is included in the

Bedrooms in dark colors

Doubt - is it worth it to decorate the bedroom in dark color? It all depends on your preferences. If you need an interior in which you will easily fall asleep, wake up vigorously and rested - do not be afraid to challenge the dark. One of the

How to design the interior of the bedroom in the neoclassic

The interior of the bedroom in the neoclassic style is suitable for people who prefer the classics. But at the same time in the style of neo classics only the newest modern materials and technologies are used, there is a lot of luxury and little

Bedroom design 12 sq.m. - 50 photos of the interior

The interior of the bedroom is the first thing a person sees every day after awakening. This is just one of many reasons to make your bedroom cozy and stylish. Unfortunately, in most apartments, its area is not too big. But the bedroom design of 12

Bedroom provence - 58 photos of ideas how to design a

Around the middle of the XIX century. There was a style called "Provence", its roots from the French medieval village. This is a kind of American "Country". A bedroom in Provence can be created with a unique atmosphere of provinciality, the scent of

Roman curtains in the nursery - stylish window decoration on

All of us were once children, and most likely, each of you remembers this time with warmth. Agree that a special and fairy-tale room, which is designed with the child's preferences and displays his favorite hobbies and hobbies - is the cherished

Brown bedroom: 75 design examples

Modern designers offer interior design in any color range - whether it's a private "royal house" or a Soviet "Khrushchev", "Stalin". Someone decorates the entire apartment with the same flowers, and some of each room is made different - a green
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