Modern ideas of interior design of a children's room

The modern design of the children's room is not an easy task. Any parent cares about the health, comfort of his child, trying to give him the best. The task becomes more complicated if there are several children in the family, especially those of

Design of wallpaper in the bedroom: combining - 40 photos of

The choice of wallpaper for the bedroom is the most important moment of the arrangement of this room. It must be approached seriously, because the psychological health of a person directly depends on the degree of comfort of the sleeping room. Cozy

Creative bedroom interior in loft style (52 photo interior)

The loft-style bedroom has become very popular lately. "Loft" means industrial, that is, industrial and commercial premises, which can be converted into residential apartments. At present, not everyone can afford to buy several offices or a warehouse

Design of a narrow hallway - we correctly equip space for 45

The hallway is the first room in which you and your guests get on arrival to the apartment, so each of us wants to make it original, modern, and most importantly practical. Take time and pay special attention to the design of the hallway, especially

Cozy bedroom - 70 photos of ideas from designers

How to make a bedroom cozy with his own hands? To do this, you can always use all sorts of accessories and draperies of textiles. In addition, it is very important to choose the right color for your room decoration and to install high-quality

Children's design for boy and girl - in one room

When square meters impose restrictions on the allocation of individual rooms to children of different sexes, it seems that the problem is unsolvable. How in one room to settle absolutely opposite personalities, so that there is no conflict of

We design a children's room for a girl 10-12 years old

Stylish design of a bedroom for a girl of 10, 11 and 12 years should be carried out taking into account all the needs of the child. Young ladies need to allocate zones of sleep and rest, training and games. Particular attention to parents should be

Bedroom in a wooden house - design and photo

The design of a bedroom in a wooden house is a laborious, fantasy process, on which depends the comfort, beauty, and the functioning of the room. The tree is considered to be an ecological material, therefore it enjoys great popularity among the

Design of the hallway in a private house - arrangement and

The hallway is the first room of a private cottage, a private area, where the incoming from the street comes. From its correct layout, convenience, interior appeal, the general impression of the residential space is formed. How reasonable,

Bedroom in provence style - a selection of interior design

The atmosphere of a rural country house, crispy croissants and the magic of France embodies the style of Provence. Design projects have several hundred elements of decor, the details that are used in the interior. Floating lightness, grace, pastel
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