How to decorate a bottle with your own hands: beautiful

Do you want to make an unforgettable gift or somehow decorate the interior in particular? Dekorin invites you to learn how to decorate a bottle with your own hands using improvised materials. Read more about the original options for decorating a

Bohemian chandeliers in the style of art deco (60 ideas of

The main difference of this style is the propensity to empire and cubism. Art deco chandeliers, as a rule, look luxurious, exquisite and quite volume. Art-deco style is a contest "who has the best", so the lighting in the interior should be expensive

Decorative fence +50 photo

Owners of private property always try to improve the area around the buildings. Create a special design style of the fence, internal fences, harmonizing not only with the facade, but also the surrounding landscape. Beautifully made external fence,

The age-old wisdom is the picture of anna bodrakova

Anna is one of the users of our site, who is as much in love with art as we are. She expresses her vision of the world through pictures, one of which she decided to share with our editorial staff.If you also have something that you want to share with

Decor of the rope - photos of fashionable novelties in the

A rope for decor can be used in a variety of ways for any interior. And in this there is absolutely nothing exaggerated. For example, professional designers use a rope for decorating curtains (as pick-ups, loops, etc.), decorating stairs, making from

How to make a topiary? step-by-step instruction for

In every woman, at the instinctive level, there is a desire to give your home warmth and comfort. Fortunately, the owners, the creation of the topiary with their own hands - this is a beautiful, original and budgetary way to decorate the home. The

Letters from foam - a simple instruction for the production

For any celebration, whether it's birthday, wedding or just a memorable event, you want to create not just a festive atmosphere, but also a pleasant and unusual accent that will be remembered not only by the originator of the celebration, but also by

Windows in a wooden house: 33 kinds of windows

To date, wooden houses are quite popular. People once again want to return to the traditional material. In this connection, the question arises as to which windows in a wooden house it is better to put. So, the owner of the house should choose

The anniversary fortieth edition of the famous calendar

The 40th anniversary issue was published the famous Pirelli calendar 2013. The calendar is significantly different from most previous issues of Pirelli in that, firstly, it does not have pictures of nude models, and secondly, most of the models that

Interesting photographs of the young st. petersburg

Interesting photographs of the young St. Petersburg photo artist Daniil Kontorovich, also known under a pseudonym In another third. His photographs are independent completed works, quite different from each other, but having a unique handwriting of
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