Rugs with their own hands - photos of the best variants of

If you need a rug in your own house, do not rush to go shopping! After all, it can be done very easily with our own hands! Just look at the rugs with your hands on the photo! They are very diverse and unusual. And the guests who come to your house,

Half-submerged shooting from alessandro catuogno

Photographer from Italy - Alessandro Cattuo (Alessandro Catuogno) creates pictures of the sea and landscapes from under the water, semi-submerged. Photos are very unusual and delicious.His work emphasizes the harmony of nature and creates some

Lamp of edison: features of light and photo in the interior

The Edison lamp is one of the most impressive trends in the lighting world. These retro light bulbs attract with their interesting vintage appearance and pleasant soft radiation. In addition, today there are special Edison lamps, combining antique

Interior of a wooden house - 30 beautiful and stylish photos

The wooden house gives its happy inhabitants warmth, harmony of nature and a healthy atmosphere. But in addition, it is important to decorate its interior in accordance with your preferences and modern trends. Especially for you, in this article we

How to make a stencil - a master class for beginners (50

In order to decorate your living quarters, you should choose one of the most unique and individual images. To achieve the desired result, there are many ways, but the most popular is the decor of the walls, using special stencils, since they are easy

Frisky - an illustrated book from simon bolz

A white cottage in Ibiza or a designer loft in Paris or even a lonely coast at Fuerteventura is already in itself a breathtakingly beautiful place. But, in fact, these places are beginning to attract thanks to beautiful girls, flirting with the

Amazing conceptual illustrations by andrew bosley

Andrew Bosley professional conceptual artist and illustrator. Currently he works at Ubisoft Red Storm in Raleigh, North Carolina. Andrew helped in the creation of such projects as Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Driver: San

The original works of the young artist ryohei hase

Ryousa Hase - A young artist from Japan. He graduated from Tokyo University of Art Tama. 4 years worked in the company Bandai Namco, creating characters in video games. Currently he works as a freelance artist. Photogallery Total | 9 pictures

Roller shutters: modern trends in window design for 30

When the main stages of the renovation of the dwelling are already behind, the question of decorating the room becomes one of the main roles in which window decoration plays. Roll shutters are one of the modern and quite popular types of curtains for

Portrait photo session will forever capture your beauty

You are cheerful and beautiful! Experiencing the best periods in your life! You have creative inspiration! - Now is the best time to arrange a photo session and create your own photo portrait! What is portraiture? The creation of a photo portrait
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