Photo: the dark city of thierry cohen

This digital project in Paris photographer Thierry Cohen - a story about how the city landscapes would look good if the whole sky was dotted with stars, and there was no other illumination. In general, if you imagine that the world was plunged into

Led table lamp madera 007 - a universal solution for the

A table-top LED lamp with a brightness control that can be charged by USB and Power Bank? A great solution for both home and street! The project of such a lamp was launched at Kickstarter and collected one third of all the necessary amount for its

40 ideas for decorating a house for valentine's day

Have you ever thought about hosting a small party or a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day? Enjoy your friends and loved one with beautiful and funny handicrafts, ideas for creating which we offer you in this article! Festive table setting, greeting

Continuation of a series of photos about downshifters from

Continuation of an interesting topic about downshifters from a Canadian photographer Benoit Pallet. As reported by Benoit, he participates in Rainbow Gathering already 7 years old, and these photos are unique, since photography is prohibited in such

Facade stucco molding of polyurethane - 20 photo finishing

When there is a task to choose a facade decoration for a private house, the first to mind comes stucco from polyurethane. Indeed, in 2016, it is the finishing material number one, because it costs much less than gypsum, it is rather simple to install

What are the advantages of aluminum windows

The question of choosing the ways to glaze their homes is faced by all developers. Aluminum windows are the best option for glazing of both private houses and multi-storey buildings. Use in the construction and restoration of various structures of

Indoor plants in the role of decorating your home

The key to creating a fresh and colorful interior lies in the use of a variety of indoor plants. They instantly transform the atmosphere, emphasizing the beauty of the rest of the decor and making the setting more complete. Discover 8 unusual ways to

9 trends in bedroom design, worth trying in 2015

Want to transform your bedroom in 2015? In this article you will get acquainted with 9 hot trends in bedroom design that can inspire you to such changes! 1. Bright wallpaper on the wall behind the headboard Psychologists constantly say that it is not

Photo for inspiration # 24

Every day we are looking for inspiration in various things, things, people. Each of us is inspired in different ways, someone doing the favorite thing gets the necessary charge to create, someone after watching your favorite movies, someone flips

Order from nike for alexis marcou

The development of the order for Nike, from the creative Alexis Marcou (Alexis Marcou) Photogallery Total | 23 pictures
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