Illustrations of tomoko sintani on glasses starbucks

Peculiar illustration by Tomoko Sintani on paper and cups from Starbucks. Quite an interesting design solution, turned out in some ways 3D drawings. Very unusual and creative! Photogallery Total | 6 photos

Photo: nature in all its glory in the works of alan coles

The boundless expanse of nature, with its amazing variety, color variations and unusual quirks and expanse have always pleased us. What can be more beautiful than, for example, the dawn or order on the slope boundless bright green fields or on the

A series of works by photographer maria kuzmenkova - "woman

Maria Kuzmenkova was born in a family of artists, which most likely determined her way. She graduated from the Lyceum of Animation and Cinematography, then the Moscow Art Institute of Design MHPI in the specialty of Graphic Design. She held three

We make a canopy by our own hands (46 fashion accessories)

A four-poster bed is an excellent protection against dust, noise and annoying insects, and at the same time - a fashion accessory. If you make a canopy with your own hands, then in addition to protecting your baby, you will decorate the children's

How to make a housekeeper for a hallway with their own

Often the search for keys steals time and nerves. It's easy to make a wall-clatter with your own hands at home, but this will help organize life, maintain order and secure a home. It is possible to not notice for a long time absence of keys if they

How to create a loft style in an interior

In large cities today, the interior design in loft style is becoming more popular. The main reason for this is that loft - an open space without walls - best reflects the desire of modern man for freedom and freedom from all restrictions. You may

Wall clock - 58 models from antiquity to modern times

Ubiquitous control over the course of time is an integral part of our life. The instruments that count him out surround us literally everywhere: they are wall, floor, wristwatch clocks located in mobile phones, microwave ovens. For modern interiors

Beautiful decor - stucco from polystyrene (20 photos in the

If we compare stucco molding with gypsum and polystyrene, the decorative stucco molding from foam today is much more popular among consumers due to its low price, durability and simplicity at work. Also, the advantage of finishing materials made of

City landscape

We, modern people, often scold the city. The city is fussy and sultry, it is dangerous, its streets are crowded with people, cars, garbage, there is no trace of free air of pristine nature in it .... Yes, all this is true. But! If it was only so, it

Christmas balls on the tree with their own hands (40 crafts

No other holiday has such a joyous and magical period of preparation, like New Year and Christmas. Today we propose you to be charged with anticipation and have a good time, creating Christmas balls on a Christmas tree with your own hands. Do not
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