Imitation of the window in the interior +30 photo

In modern interiors often there is a false construction. It can be windows, doors that bring a special cosiness to the design of the room, and visually increase free space. By simulating different designs, you can hide some wall defects and create a

Stylish illustrations of mart biemans

Mart Biemans is a 20-year-old illustrator and digital artist from the Netherlands. Mart always dreamed of becoming a professional chef, but his passion for art radically changed his career. He does not look back, and loves his job.It is worth noting

Curtains in the interior - 100 photo design ideas

When designing the interior of great importance is the right choice of textiles. Its properties allow you to modify the decor at the finishing stage of the finish. From the quality of the material, its texture and color - the successful design of the

30 outdoor vases for a stylish modern home

When we talk about adding a beautiful vase to your house, we often think of small flower vases that are placed on a coffee table in the living room, a dining table, a console or the like. However, in this article, it's not about them at all, but

Home mini-bar - the perfect solution for a small home

Do you like to invite friends to your house and arrange cozy homecoming? In this case, this article is specifically for you! Until today, you probably did not even think about it, but after watching the following 25 photos, you will want to acquire

How to organize lighting design

A carefully designed lighting design should not only transform the interior, but provide comfort and preservation of the health of the inhabitants of the house. At the stage of creating a project, various nuances are taken into account. The intensity

Illustrations from alexis mark "bad panda"

Alexis Marcou is a British illustrator who works and lives in Larissa (Greece). Photogallery Total | 6 photos

How to decorate a window and a window sill: 55 best ideas

When choosing a decor for a house, we often ignore some corners and secluded places, including windows and window sills. But there are so many wonderful and charming ways to decorate them! The end of winter is the best time to fix this situation: let

Inner harmony - the new work of photographer nicolas bouvier

Sparth (Nicolas Bouvier) was an active artistic director and concept designer in the gaming industry since 1996. He was born in France, now he lives in Seattle, Washington, and works for Microsoft. He had the honor to travel at an early age in places

New stunning works by loïc kernen, dedicated to the supercar

New works of a professional photographer from France Loïc Cores. New photos are devoted to supercar Marussia B2. Photogallery Total | 8 pictures
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