Features of creating paintings in the style of flemish

Flemish painting is considered one of the first experiences of artists in writing oil paintings. The authorship of this style, as well as the invention of oil paints themselves, is attributed to the brothers of the baths Eyk. The style of Flemish

30 ideas how to make an autumn wreath with your own hands -

A beautiful autumn wreath can be made in just a couple of hours. Is not it a good way to entertain yourself on a gloomy autumn evening? Moreover, as a result of this lesson, you will receive a stylish decoration for the entrance door, mantelpiece,

Urban images of new york from ryan budhu

Ryan Budhu - 29 years old amateur photographer from New York. A photograph of Ryan in his spare time, he works as a lawyer, specializes in civil law. It's impossible not to love New York - this is what Ryan tries to emphasize in his works. In his

Reviews of the advantages and disadvantages of modern

At present, the newfangled thermal devices of biofireplaces are very popular, the reviews, shortcomings and advantages of which have been of great interest to many people lately. What is so interesting about biofireplaces? Now practically everything

Andreas rocha - illustrator from portugal

Andreas Rocha young illustrator artist from Portugal. However, the main education for him is architectural. In addition to his amazing skills in the visual arts, Andreas knows 5 languages: Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and French. His

Crafts made of paper - 35 photos of interesting ideas

Doing paper crafts with your own hands is a very popular kind of home creation for many people whose roots go back to ancient times. Since then, and began its development of "origami" - the eastern art of creating unique diy from paper. Masters of

Stunning landscapes vorrarit anantsorrarak

Vorrarit Anantsorrarak is a young photographer of their Hong Kong. He enjoys photography of landscapes, as well as urban panoramas and colorful night shootings of the city.Each photographer is unique with his vision of the world around him, so

Necklace with your hands - the best master class with photo

There are a lot of necklace options. Today, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the question of how to make a necklace with your own hands from beads. After all, this trend has long won a certain note of popularity and is holding on to its

Decorative lamps in the interior +80 photo

Unusual combination of lighting devices in a dwelling allows to emphasize its separate parts, to change the design of premises in an original way. After all, large and small lamps in the interior can perform not only the lighting function, but

Flowers from polymer clay - a master class how to make their

Magnificent flowers are made by many craftsmen from various non-standard materials. This can be fabric, paper or leather. But increasingly they turn their attention to a plastic material such as polymer clay. From it you can create no less beautiful
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