Vintage interior decor: 35 best photos from pinterest

Vintage decor involves the use of various elements from the past to create a warm, romantic and nostalgic atmosphere in the house. Today's vintage style is not just rustic interiors with antique furniture and calico fabrics. It can also include many

A series of "little adults" by the russian photographer anna

The series "Little Adults" of the Russian photographer Anna Skladman is dedicated to children who behave like adults. This is a kind of small "elite" in the world of "nouveaux riches" - comments one of the foreign sites. Photographing a new

The world around us, in photos brooke pennington

Brooke is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Initially, he was engaged in fine arts, watercolor and oil. However, one day he discovered a new world - the world of photography. And he also understood the amazing similarity of these two creative

Exclusive: exhibition of artists finalists of the

The 7th International Arte Laguna Award in the Arsenal of Venice: 110 finalists will be presented at the exhibition on March 17 - 31. The opening ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 16 at 6 pm. The Venetian Arsenal has already opened its

Bio-fireplace by own hands - step by step instruction with

Many dream of a fireplace, where, comfortably seated in an armchair, one can observe how the fire burns and hear the crackling of wood. But let's look at it more realistically, it's forbidden to put fireplaces in apartments, and in a private house it

Children-adults from cristian girotto

We can not deny the fact that inside each of us lives a small child, full of creative principles, as well as naivety and innocence. Many people just hide it very carefully, and some still do not - this is the decision of each person. Cristina Girotto

Beautiful niches in interior design (45 photos)

Adding niches is one of the easiest ways to give the interior an unusual shape and bring bright accents to it. Small or large, rounded or rectangular, the niches in the walls are usually used simply for storing things or for an effective

10 fashionable color schemes for interior design

None of us like it when home interiors look gray and gloomy. We offer 10 unexpected and elegant color schemes that will make your house look fashionable and cheerful! 1. The combination of beige, black and white Beige color has long been a favorite

How to decorate a photo frame - a step-by-step instruction

Despite the development of technology and the transfer of images in digital format, everyone is pleased to admire the photo, which depicts relatives and loved ones. To make it beautiful, you should choose a frame. It can be made in different styles,

Small space: how to visually enlarge a room?

Compact furniture and visual tricks, given in this article, will help you visually increase the interior of any room in the house. You will learn how to save space, visually expand the area, raise ceilings and make a small room as bright and bright
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