Talented young photographer camilla marrese

Camilla began to be engaged in photography as a little girl. Once she stole a camera from her father to shoot parents and the sea. For the first time she fell in love with photography at the age of 8, now she is 15 and the photo has already outgrown

22 ideas for creating bouquets and decorating a house with

Fresh flowers can bring new life and energy to any space. Therefore, the best way to celebrate the return of warm weather and bring the breath of spring to your home is to decorate the interior with beautiful spring flowers. We offer you 22 ideas for

Curtains in the children's room for the girl: examples of

Doing repairs to children, it is important to pay attention not only to the design of the decoration, furniture, but also the decoration of the window openings, this will help to make the room home-like cozy. Curtains in the children's room for the

What are curtains - threads (40 photos)

Just recently, curtains-threads appeared in Russia. This interior decoration is very famous. It was invented in the East and has a rich history. Kisei was used to shade the room, but did not close the way for air passage. Thin threads on the door or

Lining in the interior - 25 photos

A thin finishing board for surfaces for a long period of time caused associations only with a sauna, cottage or balcony. But now the situation has changed dramatically - lining takes a leading position in the design of rooms and not only country

65 great ideas for decorating the head of the bed

If you like a creative approach to interior design, then you should like these our ideas for decorating the head of the bed. Since the bed is the central element of the bedroom, and the headboard, in turn, is the main decorative element of the bed,

Decor for the house with your own hands: description and

Sooner or later the settled interior of the dwelling becomes familiar and no longer pleases its owners with comfort and originality. In this case, even if you do not have the financial means to carry out repairs, you can completely update the dull

Illustrations of famous cartoon characters from coran stone

Although I'm already not small, but I really like the characters from our childhood. Whether it's comics or video games, it's very cool when such a character as Mario acquires heavy artillery! I think many will like a selection of armed and harsh

What can be a suspended fireplace in the interior (60

A suspended fireplace is something special among modern models. They are already difficult to call a novelty - the variety of models is increasingly increasing. The fireplace in the interior of the apartment and private house has always enjoyed

"the sky from umbrellas" (umbrella sky) - a bright

Colorful domes of different colors and sizes hung over the heads of passers-by. From the street, sheltered from the rain and the sun with bright umbrellas, the sky is practically invisible.Probably, it is especially pleasant to walk here on a hot
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