Secrets of attracting money for feng shui

In the previous article we brought you 9 secrets of attracting love through feng shui. It's time to share similar tips on attracting money. 7 ways to attract money to the house: Keep the kitchen clean Your kitchen is directly related to your

A series of photographs "time" by john clang

Clang - photographer / artist. He was born Ang Choon Leng in Singapore, earned his nickname in 1990, while in the National Service on his badge it was written CL Ang.In the early 90's, being a Singaporean it was extremely difficult to meet with

5 reasons to buy a picture

Are you thinking about buying a new decor for your house? Dekorin has prepared for you as many as 5 reasons to buy a picture of the artist's work instead of various trinkets: The paintings inspire. Viewing a picture that you like, refreshes the soul

Amazing installation of adel abdessemed in geneva

Adele was born in 1971 in Algiers. Grow in the mountains. He studied at the School of Arts in Batna. In the mid-90's he moved to France. This installation is exhibited in Geneva in Museum of Modern Art. Photogallery Total | 6 photos

Abstract ocean landscapes by samantha keely smith

Samantha Keely Smith, an artist from New York, writes spectacular abstract landscapes that resemble swirling ocean vortexes. Using oil paint, enamel and shellac, Smith creates several translucent colored layers, alternating soft strokes and large,

Beautiful autumn crafts with your own hands on 40 photos of

Autumn is a beautiful time for the embodiment of creative fantasies. Walking in the warm days, you can collect a lot of things that will be an excellent raw material to make autumn crafts with your own hands. Collect forest cones, acorns, twigs,

Handicrafts from improvised tools - 50 ideas for creating

Handmade or the creation of crafts with your own hands from improvised tools is an interesting and useful way to spend your leisure time. Many do not even realize that using the simplest materials, you can make yourself these masterpieces that will

How to turn a hobby into a stable income

In connection with the increase in the number of web-sites created on the Internet, the need for graphic display of electronic content has also grown. For this, high-quality photographs are required, performed not only at a high professional level,

Luminaires in the loft style for the trendy design of

We present you a new modern trend - lamps in the loft style. What they can be and how they can be used to create a stylish interior design - learn more! Loft interiors are gradually but surely becoming popular all over the world. This style is

Elegance of modern tiled fireplaces in the interior of a

In our time, tile fireplaces are very popular. In the distant past, the role of such tile stoves was not only decorative, but also the heating of the room. They were installed in palaces and houses of wealthy citizens, they were even in churches.
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