Canadian photographer benoit pallet and his series of works

Downtown Is a term that denotes the life philosophy of rejection of opinions imposed by society, of life for oneself. Downshifters are people who tend to refuse to achieve the benefits promoted by society, career growth. Echoes of the ideology of

Cityscapes from rob smith

Rob Smith was born and the UK, but the last fifteen years living and working in Shanghai. He is a partner in a consulting company that helps foreign companies start a business in China. As for photography, he has 30 years of experience in

Wigs made of water - tim tedder's project

American photographer Tim Tedder (Tim Tadder), known for his work in the field of advertising, created an unusual photo project, which he called "Wigs from the water." Tim's assistants threw air balloons filled with water on top of models. Those

Pictures without a brush - the creation of amy shackleton

Canadian artist Şeklton (Amy Shackleton) creates pictures without the help of a brush. An unusual painting style was mastered by a 26-year-old artist from Toronto. Her tools - Tubes of paint and gravity. She just pours the paint on the canvas,

Some useful tips for taking pictures in the studio

Commercial photography requires high-quality photos. Photography in the studio allows you to achieve the best result. What techniques can be used when shooting, and what details can not be forgotten?Basic momentsThe main indicator of the high quality

35 ideas to make cushions with your own hands

Every woman in the soul of a skilled craftswoman, striving to create coziness and beauty in a family nest with her own hands. It is good to refresh the interior and give it originality - it's to make cushions with your own hands that will not only

Jorge jacinto young illustrator from portugal

Jorge Jacinto only 23 years, but this is only a figure, his work deserves great attention and respect. George's talent can not be doubted.Unusual, fabulous, than something coming up motives of the Hobbit, as well as Star Wars and other world

Night photo session with the sexy model maria margarita,

At night everything changes. Under this slogan was a photo session with the model Maria Margarita, representing the modeling agency Vision Los Angeles. Michael Benatar - a photographer from Los Angeles, where the photo session took place, created a

New works by maria kuzmenkova in the studio monolog studio

Maria's works always amazed and surprised me, the next series of works also did not remain without our attention. The creativity of this outstanding person and her team is difficult to describe in a couple of words - it needs to be felt. All works

The way up is the work of wojciech pijecki

Wojciech Pijecki born in Poland and this project he dedicated to the birthday of his beloved girl. These are the gifts you need to make loved ones! Always struck by the process of developing complex illustrations, how people come to the very idea,
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