Amazing pictures of iris scott, painted with a finger

Sometimes fingers dipped in paint, almost by accident, can completely change the career of the artist. This is what happened to the artist from Seattle, Iris Scott, who is now known for her incredible work, painted with fingers.Once, working on a

Arrangement of a place for an animal in an apartment

Contain a pet, especially a dog, in an apartment is much more difficult than in a private house. They continually get confused under the feet when we are cleaning, carrying garbage all over the house, scratching the furniture and stopping to sleep,

Photo installation from lee eunyeol

Photographer Lee Eunyeol, using light installations, creates unusual perspectives. Photogallery Total | 5 photos

Laminate in the interior - 26 photo samples

Laminate in the interior can already be safely called a traditional floor covering. With its excellent quality characteristics, it has a beautiful appearance, a huge number of colors and textures, which allows you to choose the best option for any

Cork in the interior +40 photo ideas

Cork - a unique, nature-created material that does not have artificial analogs. In fact, it is the bark of cork oak, whose native land is the Western Mediterranean. The first to use cork material in everyday life was the Greeks. They used it to make

Self-portraits of alex stoddard

The young photographer Alex Stoddard is known for his self-portraits. In them he found a way of self-expression. Photogallery Total | 33 pictures

Incredible photos from levi van veluw

Леви Ван Велюв (Levi van Veluw) - Dutch artist and photographer, was born in 1985. He graduated from Artez Art School. Known for making photos, which are based on the head of the author himself. Only material changes, light, texture, plot. His photos

Funny calendar "trace of herbivores" from the american

American photographer Andy Mahr (Andy Mahr) created a funny calendar "След травоядных"(Trail grazers), advertising products of the company Chick-fil-A. The main characters of the calendar are charming and brave cows who explore the world, overcome

Choose curtains for the living room - 50 photos

Curtains for the living room give much more than simple sun protection. Beautiful curtains can transform the entire interior of the house, giving it a unique texture and character. Moreover, different types of curtains can make the space appear

Choosing a cast-iron fireplace for the house (75 realized

In earlier times, fireplaces were built exclusively of refractory ceramic bricks. Today they make cast-iron fireplaces, steel and combined. Of cast iron, of course, do not themselves portals of these furnaces, but only a furnace - the place where the
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