Fashionable color in 2017 - 10 best shades for the interior

In 2017 the most fashionable interiors will be made in bright and cheerful colors, natural, like nature itself. The Pantone Institute provided a fresh palette of 10 shades that will be used by designers and fashion designers in new collections by the

Indoor plants in the interior: design and care for flowers

Beautiful and various indoor plants in the interior fill the house or apartment with coziness and comfort. Even functional and rectilinear modern styles do not abandon the organic use of vegetation. It is not necessary that they are bushes with lush

Creative photos gabriela tulian

Gabriela was born in Argentina, but currently lives in Montreal, where she moved 12 years ago. She opened the photo for herself about two years ago and since then she has become very interested in her. Gabriela Tulian loves to shoot simple moments of

Incredible photos from david keochkerian

What can be more beautiful than the stunning sunsets in the works David Keochkerian. As the author reports, most of the photos were made in France, Once again I am convinced that this is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it has

Surrealistic conceptual photos from david talley

19 year old photographer David Talley was born and lives in Los Angeles, California. The main goal or you can say the main style of David, as he himself considers, are emotions, all their manifestations. It's like love, joy, happiness or grief and

9 most successful photos of animals made at the right time

Photography of animals requires not only a high level of professionalism, but also a lot of time, patience and certainly good luck. Catch an excellent freeze frame - real art. Sometimes it takes hundreds of frames, and sometimes it happens completely

New york in the dark - photo christophe jacrot, after the

Photographer Christophe Jacrot photographed New York, when the light in the city was turned off. The photos were taken after Hurricane Sandy, which happened recently. Photogallery Total | 15 pictures

Street art of the spanish artist spy

Unusual, talented and witty works of the Spanish street artist SpY. He started as a graffiter in the 80's. Today, it interacts with various objects of the urban environment. The art of SpY is extraordinarily talented and witty. However, many

Winter garden: styles of decoration, rules of arrangement

In the conditions of the severe Russian climate, I want to keep the summer as long as possible and not let the winter free, protecting it from my house. Since the middle of autumn nature begins to wither, with the onset of the first frosts it freezes

Decorative brick for interior decoration +75 photo in

Using in the construction of the usual silicate brick hardly anyone can be surprised. However, recently a new decorative material is widely used - decorative bricks. A cleverly executed fragmentary masonry transforms the design of the home, creating
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