Modern fireplace in the interior of the living room (58

The fireplace in the interior of the living room has long been a popular decoration element. Designs of rooms with a fireplace can be found not only in large country cottages, but also in a private house and even in an apartment. If you want to

Butterflies with their own hands - a master class to create

As a child, we all caught butterflies. Someone tried to collect collections from them, someone made a wish and let go. But all of us without exception admired these little beauties. Perhaps they are the most delicious insects on Earth. No wonder

Exquisite photos from mikko lagerstedt

Rarely does it happen that photography is breathtaking, fascinating at first sight, but when it happens ... it's hard to break away. Works Mikko Lagerstedt one of those that you can not take your eyes off. Mikko photographer from Finland, he has a

27 floor lamps for a stylish modern dwelling

In the spring, often want to buy a new thing not only for yourself, but for your home. Fortunately, today there are many different decorative products with which to quickly transform the interior design is not difficult: carpets, paintings, vases,

How to decorate an interior with high ceilings

It's great to have a place to express your taste and creativity! The rooms with high ceilings make it possible to create a stylish design with a lot of fashionable things that will not eclipse each other with their beauty. However, caution and sense

Psychology of interiors: symmetry, asymmetry and balance

Interior design is developed not only to create a sense of style. The space in which we are, has a powerful ability to influence your subconscious. It means not only the "magic" of different shades, but also the impact of certain types of lighting,

Stands under the hot - how to make their own hands?

So winter came again. Behind the window is cold and snowy. Naturally, in such weather, well, there is no way to do without a cup of hot tea or a favorite chocolate. In the modern rhythm of life, when there is an eternal lack of time, we can drink tea

How to stucco from gypsum is used in modern interior (20

Stucco molding from gypsum was widely used even in the days of ancient Greece. Gypsum products were used in decoration of interiors, facades, as well as bas-reliefs, sculptures and not only. For many centuries, gypsum stucco was extremely popular,

Photo: new yorkers through the eyes of brandon stanton

New York is populated by millions of people, and many of them are truly unique. Photographer Brandon Stanton, born in Georgia, started his HONY project in 2010, intending to make portraits of 10,000 people - a kind of photographic census of a city

30 fresh ideas for decorating the living room on pinterest

Congratulations to our readers with the beginning of the most generous for the holidays of the year! Rarely, when the winter from the first days pleases us with such a beautiful snow cover, but what are the hurrying at the time to please us interior
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