Decorating the arch with decorative stone +50 photo

One of the options for creating both an original and practical interior can be recognized as the design of the doorway in the form of a beautiful arch. Now it has become fashionable to unite the kitchen and dining room, living room and bedroom into a

Amazing self-portraits from brian oldham

Stunning and expressive photos from Brian Oldham amazing with their energy and amazing compositions. Photo of a young 19 year old guy than it is similar to the work of the same young guy Alex Stoddard, however, there is a unique trait that really

Lights in the loft style (55 creative ideas)

Before studying luminaires of the loft style, you first need to understand how such a design generally appeared. After all, to the lamps you will need to choose the right and all the other elements, and this is impossible to do if you just focus on

Led bulbs as an alternative to incandescent lamps - 60 pics

In recent years, LED lamps are gaining popularity and are rapidly supplanting traditional incandescent lamps. The reason for this was a large number of advantages of LED (Light emitting diode) lamps, the main of which is their economy, and the

Photo: best of the week # 1

Furrow the vastness of the Internet, comes across a huge number of photos of varying quality and professionalism of the author, this column will try to help you with the selection best photos of the week, according to the authors of the site.

Gold wallpapers in the interior

Gold wallpapers in the interior of any room look expensive, chic. They are quite versatile, because they have a very wide palette. With their help, the luxurious design of any room is easily created. A fascinating splendor attracts attention,

Photos that "demolish" the head

Italian photographer, artist and film director Francesco Brunotti (Francesco Brunotti) created a series of unusual pictures, where all people are depicted without head. What subtext in these photos - it is difficult to answer unequivocally.

How to decorate a bird feeder with your hands - step by step

All people are capable of making a bird feeder. And even small children. A child needs a plastic bottle or a cardboard box for the most common forgery. Professionals create plywood and boards. The most important drawback of self-made adaptations for

Wall lights - 40+ photos of beautiful lighting examples of

For each house a cozy atmosphere and comfort above all else. Wall lamps (in the following photos) will serve not only as a source of lighting in the room, but also as a beautiful decorative element. However, it is important to know how to properly

Roses from polymer clay - step by step instruction for

In each family there are special festive dates, which are celebrated according to a special, for example, anniversary, birth of a child, wedding. And at such festive events it is customary to decorate the room with flowers. However, fresh flowers as
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