Design of a small kitchen - interior ideas

Kitchen - the most functional room in the house or apartment. The design of the kitchen assumes the existence of several working areas and a high requirement for a level of safety of finishing materials. For all its practicality, it is necessary to

Tv in the kitchen: how to choose and where to place

It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a TV. It can be old and small, but it is always present. Usually it is put on the refrigerator or on the windowsill, but such placement does not always correspond to the style solution of the

Interior design of kitchen 11 sq. m. m

The kitchen has ceased to be a room only for cooking. It has become almost the most versatile room in the house or apartment. The design of a modern room, whether it's a kitchen or a living room, reflects the active lifestyle of most families.

Interior design of the kitchen area of ​​9 square meters. m.

For people living in the apartments of the old (Khrushchev) building, creating a kitchen design of 9 sq. M will seem like a dream. They will consider that you can place absolutely everything you want on this area. After all, in multi-storey houses

Kitchens in a luxurious baroque style - for people with

Splendor and luxury are the main features of the Baroque interior style. Usually he is chosen by nature aristocratic, refined. Kitchens in the Baroque style are pompous, refined and delicious. However, they can not exist separately from the rest of

Design of a small kitchen - extend the boundaries

Unfortunately, not every hostess has the opportunity to boast of a large space where she demonstrates her culinary talents. To a greater extent, this applies to apartments during the period of mass Soviet construction in the 1960s and 1980s. But in

Modernist style in the design of the kitchen. (40 design

Going to create a modernist kitchen design, you need to understand what this style is. Often, for art nouveau issued and take a modern design. But the classic of modernity has nothing to do with either modern materials or modern forms. The Internet

Design apron for the kitchen +95 photo design ideas

Kitchen apron - in accordance with modern terminology of design and architecture - it is covered by some part of the wall between the upper and lower rows of kitchen cabinets, including a stove and a sink. Its functions in the kitchen: Light shades
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