Hoods in the interior of the kitchen +75 photo examples

Fat soot is a real enemy of a clean, well-groomed kitchen. Together with the ubiquitous dust, it forms a sticky, black coating, which is not easily scraped off. The formation of soot during cooking is neither avoidable, but to save white walls after

Design tiles in the kitchen +56 photo design of the floor

In the decoration of modern cuisine, unconditional leader is tile. To create a stylish and at the same time functional premises approaches to the solution of the problem need to be carefully thought out, to study all the technical characteristics of

Angular kitchen design: top 120 photos of unusual kitchen

The kitchen in the house is the most loved and visited place by all members of the family. Therefore, everyone wants it to be the most comfortable place and at the same time performed all the necessary functions. But not many owners are lucky with

Spectacular design of the kitchen in the style of art deco

The design of the kitchen in the Art Deco style is a symbol of luxury and embodies the novelties of technological progress, the blending of various Western European cultures and the desire of humanity to the beautiful. The spread and popularity of

Kitchen with a bay window: 45 photos of beautiful space

Arrangement of the kitchen space is a rather tedious process, requiring a careful approach, especially when the premises are small. Inevitably lucky in this regard, the owners of apartments, where there is a kitchen with a bay window. This space is

Spectacular kitchen in loft style (58 original ideas)

The exemplary loft-style kitchen is a balanced balance of old and new solutions in the materials, surfaces and equipment used. The style of loft (translated from English "loft" - attic) was born in the 40-ies of the twentieth century in industrial

Wall panels for the kitchen - photo review of the best

Wall panels for finishing the kitchen area are quite a good option for replacing traditional ceramic tiles, and they are almost identical in strength and durability. In our time, you can find a wide variety of wall panels for the kitchen, and their

What is good about modular kitchens

Repair is a very important event. Especially if it concerns the kitchens and their furnishings. Modular kitchens are designed to help owners who decide on this step. Thanks to the use of modular structures, a large number of design options for the

Skinali for the kitchen: photo ideas, decor, installation,

Relatively recently in the interiors began to use skins that have just appeared, and have already gained a certain popularity, have become an excellent decorative element. Most people, seeing this product in the decor, will want to use it in their

75 examples of kitchen interior in loft style

To conduct a competent kitchen design in loft style in a multi-apartment or private house is quite simple. To do this, it is necessary to prepare an approximate plan of work, conditionally depict the desired situation. Finishing can be chosen any,
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