Glossy kitchens - 75 photo examples of kitchen design with

To date, glossy kitchens - the embodiment of unreal comfort, elegance and also comfort. Due to the fact that they use the most modern materials for decoration, kitchen sets are very noticeably different, despite the fact that they were typical a

The design of black and white cuisine in the interior: a

They say that there are no comrades to the taste and color, but looking at the assortment of furniture kitchens, such a statement raises doubts. On the Internet, there are such models of kitchen design that it is hard to imagine how someone can come

Small kitchens - a photo of interesting design options for a

The kitchens of our time are equipped with a different set of equipment and all kinds of appliances designed for storage and cooking. Owners of a large kitchen space simply enough to place everything necessary, but the owners of a small area will

Design kitchens 3 by 4 meters

An ideal kitchen is a place where it is pleasant and convenient to cook, eat, clean up. How to plan a stylish and functional space? What to consider, choosing a finish, a set, accessories. Let's look at the example of kitchen design 3 for 4. take

Decorating the kitchen in the mediterranean style (55 pics)

The cuisine in the Mediterranean style is a unique and original style that absorbed the culture of different peoples.Distinctive features of this style of interior can be called heat in combination with comfort.Functionality and maximum simplicity

Color cappuccino in the interior of the kitchen +75 photo

Cappuccino is a traditional Italian drink, loved by many coffee lovers all over the world. It is made on the basis of espresso with the addition of foamed milk. As a result, a soft caramel color with a white foam cap is obtained. The color of a

Small kitchens: design and layout

Not all apartments can boast a large area, and even some spacious kitchen - even more so. The closest kitchens are located in the "Khrushchev" - a maximum of 5-7 square meters. Less only in the old brick houses for servants of the times of Tsarist

What can be the design for the kitchen 11 square meters. m.

To design the kitchen area of ​​11 square meters. m should be approached seriously and responsibly, since in our time this part of the dwelling should combine at least three things: Functionality. In the interior of the kitchen should be rationally

Modern kitchen - photo of the best designs of kitchen

Each style has its followers. Connoisseurs of modern classics often choose the design of the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style. This is a common option. In it there are no frills decor, it is distinguished by its simplicity of form and restraint.

Design kitchen living room 17 square. m. + 40 photos of

The kitchen is not just a place to prepare food. If we are talking about an area of ​​more than 15 m2, the space combines many useful qualities. In a well-planned, well-designed kitchen-living room, there are many people at the same time, without
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