Kitchen design 6 sq. m: interior (+30 photos)

Small-sized apartments cause a lot of questions about their layout and comfortable arrangement. Kitchen design 6 sq.m. m plays an important role, since the competent distribution of all improvised means should provide comfort, coziness, and most

A modern kitchen interior - 70 photos of the best novelties

Modern kitchen interior is the quintessence of styles, the task of which is to make the room comfortable and functional. Fashion for the interior of the kitchen is changing almost every year. Part of this is the merit of her popularity: there we

Design of the ceiling in the kitchen +50 photo examples

At first glance, it may seem that the ceiling plays a secondary role in the design of the room. It is not installed furniture, it does not go, and the eyes up guests and household raise not so often. In fact, the ceiling is a kind of "gray cardinal"

Kitchens with gas boiler: design - questions and solutions

In modern buildings, self-heating systems are increasingly used, which allow residents to not depend on the mood of public services. Apartments are equipped with units that create a comfortable family temperature for a particular family. The owners

Kitchen in art nouveau style: examples of design

Modernism is sometimes also called "modern classics." Style really is a low-key mixture of elements with light luxury and minimalist ideas that are so popular lately. We can say that modernism appeared on the ruins of the classics. At the beginning

Kitchen interior design in english style (35 exquisite

Today, designers practically do not create interiors of premises, clearly adhering to the canons of this or that style. When decorating the kitchen in English style, the interior can be simply diluted with certain details. They will give the British

Direct planning kitchens - ideas and interior tips

The design of a direct kitchen consists in the planning of all the elements, in which they are located along the wall. This option may not seem convenient for the hostess, used, for example, to triangular layout, so in some cases, designers choose

Kitchen design with bay window - photo examples of the

In the house of the series p44t / 25 or individual housing development, kitchen design is often built around the bay window. It will help to translate ideas of zoning and organization of space. The presented architectural element has the appearance

Kitchen in loft style - photos of the best solutions for a

What is the Loft style and how does it look? The idea of ​​cuisine in loft style came to us from Western masters, it is a combination of the most modern materials and new technique of execution, but the kitchen itself looks like it is in the stage

Variants of design and interior of a small kitchen (71

In order to choose the design of a small kitchen, it is best to use the hints of professional designers. Despite the small size of this room, it can be functional, cozy and stylish. The best layout and design of the room should be well chosen. After
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