Olive kitchen: examples of interior

Do you want to fill your house with natural motives? Design the kitchen in a shade of olive and you will have a corner in which will reign the young greenery, the sun and eternal summer. Variety of shadesOlive is the color of immature olives. Its

How to make a design project of the kitchen itself +75 photo

The lion's share of free time in the kitchen holds, of course, the landlady. When designing the interior of the premises, first of all, her wishes are taken into account. "Culinary patrimony" should also satisfy the aesthetic tastes of other

Purple cuisine: design features

Violet - one of the seven colors of the rainbow, referring to the "cold", resulting from the mixing of red and blue. It is relatively rare in nature, and in the interior - even rarer. So the design of the violet kitchen has every chance to become

Combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen - 50

In the design of the kitchen space, you need a competent combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen, optimally mixed in terms of aesthetics, the use of contrasts, all sorts of accents, halftones. Do not immediately select for your kitchen

Features of the design of the kitchen in the style of the

At first glance the kitchen in the style of the chalet can seem inconspicuous, rude and devoid of grace. But this kind of cuisine can be a place of comfort and coziness, where the whole family will happily spend their quiet evenings with a cup of

Refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen +75 photo

If earlier, in order to buy a refrigerator, it was necessary to stand in line for a purchase, but today household appliances stores offer refrigerators for every taste and purse. A modern refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen is of great

Kitchen design with sofa: advice on choice

Kitchen by right is one of the most priority places in the house. They cook, take food, meet guests, drink tea with the whole family, work for a laptop, even rest. It should be comfortable and cozy. If space allows, in the room put a sofa - light and

Kitchen combined with living room - 75 photo design

A person is peculiar to change, which makes him more experienced, wise and special. We expect the same from the interior after repairs - positive changes. We strive for development, and designers follow the dynamics, offering new trends of fashion.

Kitchen design 14 sq. m - we select an interior for a

Dimensions of kitchens in many old houses and new buildings are the same. Therefore, interesting options for planning this zone in the apartment are offered. Choose a suitable kitchen design 14 sq. M. m can owners of Soviet apartments or owners of

Gray kitchen in the interior: 60 successful combinations of

1 Before choosing a color scheme for your kitchen, take into account not only the trend of a shade, but also the harmony of its combination with other colors. Among the popular design solutions, choosing a gray kitchen in the interior is an actual
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