Laconic kitchen interior solutions in minimalist style (63

Kitchen in the style of minimalism is a laconic solution for modern people, which enhances the feeling of freedom, creating an additional kitchen space. This style takes away all unnecessary, little functional that is intended for decoration, but

Curtains in the kitchen - 100 photos of the best new

From the decor of the window in the kitchen depends the overall feeling and the finished appearance of the entire interior, as well as the amount of light entering the room. Successfully selected curtains in the kitchen will help to update the

Kitchens from wood - 70 photos of design of kitchen

Kitchens made of natural wood are not only beautiful, but also practical. Such kitchens are in demand, primarily because they have many advantages and advantages. Table of contents of the article: What are the

Design curtains for the kitchen - 80 modern options

Curtains in the interior of modern cuisine play a significant role. They do not so much protect the owners of the house from extraneous views, how many are an integral element of the decor. At the same time, properly selected curtains can visually

We use the blue color in the interior of the kitchen

Although the blue color is considered a "favorite" shade of humanity, its use in the interior does not always create coziness in the room. Why is it so? The reason for this was the "cold" color. Blue has many gradations, but it still slightly "pulls"

Kitchen design in beige tones - examples on photo

With the help of a calm color you can achieve coziness and warmth in any space. Among the many variations of the design of the kitchen in beige tones is a timeless solution that allows you to set the mood for the kitchen. Such a widespread

Spectacular wenge kitchen (53 beautiful design solutions)

Kitchen wenge - one of the most famous colors, stand out when buying kitchen sets. This tree is made necessary material in the manufacture of the kitchen of its properties, namely: massive structure; greater abrasion resistance; unusual texture;

Kitchen design of a small square (30 real photos)

1 A small kitchen is the real trouble of its owner. A close, uncomfortable space where it is impossible to turn around, place the necessary items. In order to radically change everything, it is necessary to implement the design of the kitchen of a

Kitchen with a window - 70 photos of unusual ideas how to

The appearance of the first green leaves, filling apples, golden leaves and drifts of snow-white decoration of winter can be enjoyed with pleasure from the window of your own kitchen in unison with the preparation of delicious food. Of course, having

Kitchen design in a modern style - 25 photo interior

Convenience, comfort of your culinary activities will create a kitchen in a modern style, it is suitable for arranging a house, cottage, apartment. The room does not have to be large or of any particular shape. Even the modern kitchen design of 16 m2
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