Kitchen design in high-tech style - photo interior ideas

Choosing a new look of the kitchen, I want the first thing to create the most convenient, functional space. Take into account all the nuances, needs of family members. A universal option will be the design of the kitchen in the style of high-tech,

Green kitchen in the interior - 30 examples of design

The kitchen is the place where all the inhabitants of the house are most often found, that's why it would be desirable that everyone here would be comfortable and pleasant to spend time. It is quite difficult to please simultaneously the preferences

Small kitchens - 75 photos of small kitchen design

What kind of mistress does not dream of a large and spacious kitchen for creating her culinary masterpieces? But not every dreamer understands that it is practical and functional to equip the kitchen so that everything needed is always at hand, it is

Kitchen design with window +60 photo examples

If the kitchen has at least one window, this is a great success. Thanks to the sun's rays, even a small room will seem spacious and full of air. Competently design the kitchen with a window is much easier: it becomes a bright accent in the interior,

Interior of the kitchen in a rustic style (55 design ideas)

Country style has many varieties. In each country for him is something special, special. Kitchen in the rustic style of any ethnicity implies simplicity and some naivete, characterizing rural life. Russian country style differs from other ethnicals

Kitchen 2 by 3 meters: examples of interior design

In modern cities and towns there is still a huge number of so-called Khrushchev. They were built as a temporary shelter, therefore, such apartments can not be called very comfortable. Distinctive feature - close kitchen facilities - no more than 5-6

Kitchen design 16 sq m + 60 photo examples of the interior

The kitchen can definitely be called the "heart of the house", where the family together with their friends is going to have a meal or drink tea. This is a place where not only cook and eat food, but also communicate, is the social center of the

Narrow kitchen - 75 photos of the best designs for a narrow

Any hostess just dreams that the place in which she spends a lot of time - the kitchen, was as spacious, comfortable and most importantly functional. One of the many apartments of the old variants of the building includes a seemingly rather big

Wall design in the kitchen +85 photo ideas

Interior design is a kind of puzzle that collects into a single whole picture. It's great if it turns out beautiful and harmonious. The design of the walls in the kitchen is an important part of this puzzle. From the correct design of the surface,

Kitchen design 9 sq. m - 70 photos of ideas and examples of

A comfortable kitchen is a place, the main criteria of which is convenience and practicality during the working process associated with cooking, washing dishes. At the same time, you need to choose a design that is nice to the eye, so that it would
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