Kitchen design in country style - interior features +75

The main characteristic that determines the country style (countryside) is the diversity. The Russian hut, a bright Ukrainian hut, an English cottage or a Mediterranean country house - all this quite fits the definition of "peasant" style. The main

Kitchen wallpapers: design and 75 photo examples

The need to repair the kitchen is able to plunge into a state of stress even the most resistant to life vicissitudes of the owner of the apartment. First, the event requires a significant investment. The second point - to decide to radically change

High technology in the kitchen: interior in high-tech style

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech is increasingly found in various combinations. Many people are attracted by the opportunity to combine kitchen interior and advanced technologies. Humanity throughout the entire stage of its development has sought to

Modern design kitchen-studio (57 design ideas)

The layout of modern houses does not always allow for a spacious and functional kitchen. An excellent solution in this case will be the kitchen studio. Interesting design of a spacious kitchen studio in light gray tones. It is noteworthy that the bar

Kitchen design 9 sq. m. m. - 70 photos of the novelties of

Whatever the area of ​​the kitchen, most hosts seem small and cramped. Well thought out kitchen design 9 sq.m. allows not only rational use of each centimeter of the area, but also create the illusion of space. At 9 square meters you can safely

Yellow color in the interior of the kitchen - 5 tips and 75

The choice of the color scheme of the kitchen is an important issue in the interior design of this room. Some shades can oppress a person, others raise his mood, and still others provoke violent activity or aggression. Color "alphabet" has a much

Set for a small kitchen - 80 photos of examples of the right

How to choose a reasonably kitchen set for a small kitchen? Layout - for a compact kitchen the ideal option - corner kitchen or straight. L-shaped corner kitchen. This form has its spread in the kitchens of the square form. The kitchen is straight.

What should be the interior of a stylish kitchen? (47 ideas

The kitchen is part of the house, where the most important is the functionality and convenience. Stylish kitchens should differ, among other things, comfort. Furniture should be chosen as useful as possible, and there should not be too much, since

Kitchen 12 square meters. m. - photo of unusual design

Kitchen area of ​​12 m² is first and foremost good in that it can easily be inscribed and accommodated all that without which you will not get a comfortable and functional kitchen. Kitchen in 12 m² anyway, and luxury, and many can only dream of such

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen - 70 photos of perfect design

Stretch ceiling is made with PVC. This material is ideal for its use in the kitchen because of its practicality, high resistance to deposits in the vira fat, carbon deposits, hot air and also high humidity. The ceiling is made from a special cloth,
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