Kitchen in the style of neoclassicism (59 elegant interiors

Neoclassic cuisine is an ideal option for people whose taste is at the same time leaning towards the classical style and, at the same time, prefers the convenience and functionality of modern design. In order to decorate the kitchen in neoclassical

Photo wallpapers in the interior of modern kitchen

Beautiful and sophisticated wallpapers in the interior of the kitchen look the best. Finishing of this type allows you to visually increase the area of ​​the room, raise the ceilings and in the shortest time to conduct its stylization. Use canvases

Kitchen in provence style - 120 photos of unusual interior

It's nice when the kitchen is furnished very warmly and hospitably, from where you do not want to leave even after a delicious dinner. This is the value of the kitchen interior in the style of Provence. There is also a French charm, a provincial

Kitchen design 5 sq.m. m - practical solutions for a small

To owners of small kitchens when planning repair work, one has to ask: how to make space as rational as possible, convenient? A small area obliges you to save literally every useful centimeter, but you want so much to find everything you need and

White kitchen in the interior - ideas and realization on the

White kitchens are the latest trend among design solutions. At first glance, they seem unaccustomed, impractical and monotonous. But such a choice for the design of the most important place in the house is fraught with a lot of practical advantages,

Design solutions in the design of the kitchen 12 sq.m. m.

Create a comfortable and interesting kitchen design 12 square meters for a professional is not a difficult task. This is a fairly spacious room, where you can realize not only functional, but also artistic intentions. It is more difficult to fit

Kitchen decoration - photo examples of the most unusual and

By the next holiday or arrival of guests, I always want to update my house. Most often, radical changes are expected by the kitchen. The facades quickly get dirty and lose a new look, the surfaces are rubbed off from frequent cleaning, the curtains

Tulle in the kitchen - photos of the best new designs of

Traditionally, the windows in the kitchen are decorated with curtains, and this is due not only to protection from sunlight, but also with an interior that turns out to be quite cozy and comfortable. Particularly popular is the tulle in the kitchen

Kitchen design 10 sq m - 30 photos of interior design ideas

Ten square meters of the area is enough to equip a comfortable kitchen. Space allows you to arrange a furniture set in a convenient manner, without limiting the freedom of movement. However, a good quadrature is not a guarantee of proper design.

We express individuality in the design of the kitchen in the

Kitchen in the style of eclecticism - an excellent solution for modern, creative people who are not afraid to experiment. Such design allows you to express your individuality, exclusivity and originality. After all, this style is rightly called
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