Kitchen design in country style (60 design ideas)

In a century of high-tech immerse yourself in the atmosphere of warmth and comfort at home in your childhood helps kitchen in the style of country. Today, people are tired of the modern rhythm of life and the abundance of new materials. Therefore,

Kitchen design 13 sq.m. m - examples of interior photo

The decoration of the kitchen space is a necessary stage of any repair. After all, the kitchen - it's not just one of the premises of the apartment, it's the working space on which the most important operations for cooking are being made. And in the

Design of elongated kitchen - photo of interior design idea

The design of the room consists of many different details: the choice of materials for decorating walls, floors and ceilings, functional and comfortable furniture, the distribution of light, the use of important techniques that can give the room a

Kitchen design in light colors +75 photo

Light shades are multifaceted. They can be cold or warm, create a truly homely cosiness or stylish elegance. The design of the kitchen in light colors, as a rule, is developed in accordance with the classical concept. Of course, the interior can be

Kitchen design without cupboards - storage ideas, interior

Designers often offer new ideas, guided by fashion trends, features of the room, the preferences of the tenants. The design of the kitchen without the top cabinets becomes extremely popular. The desire to throw off the template designs, fresh flow,

Kitchen-dining-living room design in a private house

United spaces put more tasks in combining beauty and functionality. There are solutions that allow you to create a kitchen-dining room design not just aesthetically flawless, but reflecting your progressive views on the load that a combined room

Features of modern kitchen design (56 interior ideas)

The kitchen was and remains the center of any home. All members of the family gather here, they invite guests to drink tea. Modern design of the kitchen is an important component not only of the overall interior of the dwelling, but also of the

Washable wallpaper for the kitchen: practicality and

How to decorate the kitchen space so that it would be convenient to cook and guests should not be ashamed? Washable wallpaper for the kitchen - that's the simple answer. Drops of fat, soot, stains from ketchup or wine can be washed away in two

Kitchen in the scandinavian style: cold snow and warmth of

The design of the kitchen in Scandinavian style combines elements brought by Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish designers. The Finnish Academy of Design occupies one of the leading positions in the world, after the Italian and New York schools. And although

Black kitchen: photos of the best design ideas, and color

Currently, a huge number of various interior solutions for every taste have been developed. Black kitchen is a modern and fashionable design. If you think that the kitchen in black is dull and boring, you are deeply mistaken. Having looked through
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