Design of kitchen-studio + 115 photo of examples of interior

"It is very possible that Isadora Duncan does so. Maybe she is dining in the office, and she cuts rabbits in the bathroom. But I'm not Isadora Duncan. I'll dine in the dining room, and operate in the operating room. "(Dog's Heart, M. Bulgakov) The

Tabletops for the kitchen - photo review from the catalog of

The design of the kitchen can be considered fully completed only when all its elements are completed. The main component, which determines the style of the entire room, is a kitchen set. And here it is very important to pay attention to its visible

Kitchen design in houses with a bay window

For many years, the bay window was considered the exclusive prerogative of a private house, creating an atmosphere of expansion of space and finding a home at a certain height. Recently, in the time of the increased popularity of eclectic views in

Kitchen design with vent box

The vent of the ventilation shaft in the kitchen is a little difficult for experienced designers, and beginners sometimes do not even know what to do with it at all. Most often in this case, design latent ventilation, build a false fireplace or

Orange cuisine - photo review of all the features and

For a constant charge of the positive energy of the sun and heat, even in a dull weather, decorate the kitchen in orange colors. This is the color of a good mood, the easiest way to avoid depression and stress. Orange tincture has a beneficial

Kitchen ikea - photo of the most fashionable trends in

The kitchen can be called the heart of the room. Kitchens from the IKEA furniture catalog are distinguished by warmth and comfort. The Swiss company, which produces not only furniture, but also a large number of goods for the office, is

Variants of furniture arrangement for corner kitchen (70

The spectacular design of the corner kitchen does not leave anyone indifferent, because the use of multi-functional fittings and beautiful colors makes the room bright and unforgettable. But how to choose the right furniture? Beautiful interior of

Kitchen-vestibule: examples of combined design +50 photo

For a one-room apartment, the decision to combine some of the premises and turn it into a spacious studio is profitable and true. But it is necessary to combine the rooms with the mind: creating the right design, comfortable environment requires

Kitchen decor by own hands: apply our strengths, talents and

The decoration of the kitchen interior is a space for the imagination of handicraftsmen and homemade craftsmen, a fascinating occupation that can make the kitchen space unique, fill it with interesting little things created in a fit of inspiration

Kitchens of the--shape: variants of design and lay-out

A living room, where the kitchen is a single space with a living room, can be found more often. It has a lot of open space, so modern interior can be realized most successfully. One of the most popular layout options for such a kitchen is the
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