Variants of landscape design of the site 15 hectare

Land improvement is a real art. Although the term "landscape architecture" appeared only two centuries ago, people have been engaged in the design of the territory that encloses the house for millennia. Beautiful fountains, benches, fences, trees,

How to grow gerbera flowers (57 photos)

Gerbera flowers are one of the most popular species of cut cultures. Today, the market presents more than 100 varieties of this perennial plant, differing not only in shapes, but also in the coloring of flowers. Homeland gerbera are Asia and Africa,

Gardenia jasmine: specificity of care at home

The flower is whimsical, but very beautiful - jasmine gardenia, nursing at home is not easy, it is worth all the labor invested in cultivation. This beautiful plant will delight the eyes of the owner every day and will be an occasion to boast before

Styles of landscape design and their characteristic features

On the countryside there is a special freedom of creativity - the owner can realize any idea, build in their own space around the house. Sometimes come across such possessions, where the slides, fountains, sculptures, arbours are collected, but there

Неприхотливые люпыны: посадка и уход (56 фото)

Lupines, planting and care for which are not difficult, are considered one of the most unpretentious garden plants. To date, the family of lupines has more than 200 species. Many of them grow in the wild nature of the Mediterranean and North America.

Design of a country house site on 10 acres - examples of

If earlier land plots outside the city were considered in the context of solely garden and vegetable garden, now everything has changed. Vast territories began to be purchased with the expectation of a full rest, and not just for harvesting. An

Barberry - a magnificent decorative shrub

The word "barberry" is often associated with the same name candy candies with a slight sourness. In fact, barberry is a shrub. It is used both for decorative purposes, and in medicinal, and in culinary, and even in bank protection. In this article,

Flowerbeds of perennials for the whole summer season (43

Flowerbeds of perennials, which delight their beauty throughout the season, are very popular among summer residents. For their creation, there is no need to hire landscape designers or attend specialized courses. A flower bed of continuous flowering

What is interesting about hydrangea large leaf? (45

Hortensia large-leafed among all the bushes stands out for their special beauty. The plus is that the plant can be grown both at home (in a pot) and outdoors (outdoors). Of the more than 70 varieties, there will always be found one that will please

Coniferous in the landscape design of the villa site +75

Beautiful and various conifers in the landscape design of the country plot are used very often. In addition to high decorative, these plants have a significant advantage over other crops. They remain attractive throughout the year. A well-groomed and
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