Plant cleaning: planting and care

A very common and loved by many plant purification, planting and care for which is very simple. This flower is of many kinds and varieties. It is appreciated by summer residents, and simply by amateur gardeners, because it is not only beautiful, but

Unpretentious species and varieties of hydrangeas for

In the nature there are a lot of ornamental bushes, trees and lianas hydrangeas, species and varieties for Russian gardens represent only a small part of them. In the botanical gardens of the central part of Russia, as well as in some private

Characteristics of the mediterranean style in landscape

Mediterranean style in landscape design is becoming increasingly popular. The Mediterranean Sea is located in the subtropical zone, and on its coast is growing a huge number of different varieties of flowers and abundantly flowering shrubs. The

Landscape design for a summer residence - 60 photos of ideas

1 Man and nature is the eternal theme of any kind of art. Landscape design is not only a way of self-expression, but also a part of direct communication with a pristine nature. The area adjacent to the private house, gives a wide scope for

How to make a flower garden in a shady place

Many people want to decorate their gardens. To break a flower garden in a shady place of the garden scheme is always possible. It is often said that flowers and other green plantations do not like to grow in the shade, prefer the sun. But this is not

Landscaping of a country house - examples of design

A plot of land around a country house is not just a piece of property and freedom from neighbors in a city apartment, it is an opportunity to express yourself, your dream, fantasy with the tools of nature - trees, flowers, water, stones. Create a

Landscaping of the homestead with their own hands +120 photo

The arrangement of private home ownership includes the decoration of the interior of a dwelling, a site around it. The area of ​​the backyard is brought into a proper appearance. Organize an easy-to-use, aesthetically attractive near-home space

Decorative well for a dacha made by own hands

Lovers of recreation in the country manor, summer residents, beginners landscape designers will be interested to learn how to make a decorative well in your summer cottage, how to decorate it. Such structures were once in every yard, were fully

The highest king of the flowers delphinium: planting and

"Amusing spurs" is one of the many variants of the name of the delphinium plant, planting and caring for which have their own characteristics. Delphinium is not capricious, it is not for nothing that it is called the "king of flowers". It

Cozy country style in the landscape design of a modern

The naturalness of decorating your own garden today at the peak of landscape fashion, and the country style in landscape design is a free embodiment of the owner's ideas, which emphasizes the proximity to nature. When reviewing such a democratic
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