"bamboo of happiness" or drazen sander, unpretentious plant

One of the most fashionable and in demand in recent times plants is dracena sander - unpretentious, often used for decorative decoration of apartment houses, offices and shopping centers. In this plant, there is definitely something extravagant,

Art nouveau style in the design of a country house garden

The style of art nouveau, or modern, arose in European architecture of the 19-20 centuries. To decorate a garden in the Art Nouveau style means to give it a complete aesthetic appearance. The main source of inspiration for the adherents of the style

How to grow aquilegia: planting and care (50 photos)

Shoes of elves, a dove, a catchment or an orlik. Such names have a plant known to flower growers as well as aquilegia, planting and caring for which are not particularly difficult. But the basic requirements for the cultivation of this flower in your

How to make flowerbeds by yourself (38 pics)

Most gardeners prefer making flower beds by their own hands. Decorative compositions of flowers attract the eye and fascinate. The composition with flowering plants, built in the courtyard of a private house, is able to transform the site and give it

Features of the country style in landscape design

Childhood. What associations causes this word? The smell of freshly cut grass and juicy apples, the aroma of fresh milk, games with friends, the affectionate hands of my grandmother, the summer holidays in the village. In the age of technical

Design of the gazebo: what kind of view to choose +75 photo

Rest in a country house always involves gathering in the nature, which becomes more comfortable if you have a gazebo for these purposes. A small secondary structure will eventually become an indispensable place for recreation, where home and guests

Proper care for cyclamens at home

A beautiful cyclamen flower, care at home after him is not particularly difficult. The main thing is to provide him with a suitable temperature regime and regular watering. Flower cyclamen will be a real decoration of any room. Especially it is liked

Landscape design of a summer cottage 5 acres

In modern suburbs the most popular are dacha or household plots of small size - only four to seven hundred. They are easy to care for, there is enough space for a full rest on weekends or in summer after work. But it is sometimes difficult to

How to grow a veil shrub

Many gardeners would like to see on their site vaigelu - a shrub of a family of honeysuckle. The plant is considered one of the most beautifully blooming. It can become a highlight of the garden, fitting into the landscape design of any style. When

Landscape design of the site at 6 hectare - 40 photos

Garden and park and landscape construction is a very big direction of phytodesign, which requires serious theoretical and practical training. Regardless of the size of the site, in order for the future result to be worthy and long-term, it is
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