Decorative waterfall: examples and making your own hands

Waterfalls have always captivated people with their beauty. Observation of the movement of water pacifies, calms and tends to philosophical reflections. In Japan, no garden can not do without this decorative element, and as you know, the people of

Landscaping of the site in front of the house

Landscape design appeared in ancient times. Of course then this trend in art did not have such a name. The decoration of the territory surrounding the building began with the temple complexes. To the structures erected for the worship of deities,

What is bush roses

Every man, for once in his life, bought roses: for his birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. But there are those who grow shrub roses. And this occupation is quite fascinating, pleasant and not very difficult. Roses differ in a variety of forms,

Beautiful vangut spire shrub

Vigutta spiraea is a shrub covered with a white cloud during flowering. This cloud consists of many small flowers, collected in inflorescences, which are located on each centimeter of twig-shaped shoots. Such a holiday of flowers this plant is able

Ornamental infield: garden hydrangea (66 photos)

Hortensia garden has recently been gaining popularity with landscape decoration. A holiday plot or a homestead land is a place for rest and relaxation. However, for proper rest, it is necessary to create suitable conditions, since in an atmosphere of

Design of a plot of 12 hectare

The country house and the plot attached to it become the limit of the city's dreamer's dreams. No neighbors, close parking lots and permanent restrictions. This small private corner gives owners a unique opportunity to create their own housing

Design of flower beds in the country: basic rules and ideas

When all the large-scale works on the site are completed - the house is erected, the fence is built, the trees are planted, the paths are laid, and the grounds are paved, it is time to think over the design of the flower beds in the cottage to give

Landscaping of the site of 20 hectare

Recently, people began to swiftly leave the stuffy "jungles" of megacities and explore new territories outside the city. The choice in favor of the outback has a lot of advantages. First, you can forget about the floods from above, loud quarrels

Landscaping design of the garden in a cozy country style (52

Country style in landscape design is used quite often. The popularity of the owners of suburban areas, he won because of its simplicity and at the same time originality. A comfortable wooden bench in the shade of birch trees, flower beds with daisies

We decorate the front garden in front of the house: ideas

Landscaping of plots in front of residential buildings can be carried out in different ways. For example, plant small flowers, framing a long path and a porch. And you can make an unusual design of the front garden in front of the house, combining
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