How to create an english lawn with your own hands? (45

Each of us saw a perfectly smooth colorful and attractive English lawn. However, not everyone knows that the content of such a green coating is an extremely complex and time-consuming process. Recently, more and more people are trying to recreate a

Ficus: proper home care

Ficus, home care after which will be simple, is a very common indoor plant. There are many of its varieties, and many of them are completely different from each other. Now, ficus is a frequent plant in winter gardens, offices, houses, apartments.

How to propagate orchid properly and take care of it

More and more people are interested in how to care for an orchid at home. This amazing indoor flower has already conquered many hearts. But, despite the lack of special difficulties in care, some people still can not give the plant everything

How clematis is planted and cleared in the open ground

Many gardeners are interested in the question today, how to grow clematis, planting and care in the open. The garden looks like it is not complete without this incredibly beautiful plant. It ideally covers and decorates land constructions. This plant

Decorative bridge for the garden +50 photo

According to the tradition of landscape design, a decorative bridge is made over "dry" streams and artificial reservoirs. This design can take a bizarre shape, and can look like a standard bridge in miniature. The choice of the type of bridge and its

Planting, reproduction and care in the open ground of

More and more popular is Astilba, planting and care in the open ground for this plant is interested in an increasing number of people. And it is not surprising - a plant "without shine" (so you can translate its name) can be grown just for the sake

Japanese gladiolus, or montbretziya: landing and care in the

Such a plant as a montbretion, planting and care in the open ground beyond which is not difficult, has the second name - the Japanese gladiolus. So he is called for an unusual similarity with gladioli, although the lily of the flower is also

Features and methods of planting decorative shrubs (48

Today decorative shrubs have become an indispensable attribute of the urban environment, forest park areas and household plots. Many specially choose such types of shrubs that can withstand an aggressive urban environment or the vagaries of nature.

Rhododendron: correct fit and care

To beautiful rose rhododendron, planting and care should be observed exactly with the requirements that he needs. Such a flower has a fairly wide genus, which includes a deciduous, evergreen, semi-evergreen species, and even trees are found, not

Landscaping design on the slope +50 photo

Today, the landscape design of the site on the slope may look unusual and even fabulous. Differences in elevations, stone, winding paths, terraces - all this only decorates an uneven plot. Creating a personal landscape on such a land, it is necessary
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