Design of the garden - choose style and layout

Create your own garden on the site, ennoble the local area - it is a workable dream for many amateur gardeners. But, how to do it correctly, taking into account the norms of landscape design - this is already a question in which it is necessary to

Spiraeus (tavolga) japanese: varieties, planting and care

Spiraeus, planting and care for which will be described below, is a long-term decorative deciduous shrub of the Roses family. This plant is valued for its long and lush bloom, is divided into summer-bearing and spring-spring varieties. Japanese

Modern landscape design: novelties and trends

Modern landscape design involves the decoration of large land areas, park areas and household plots. It stands at the intersection of plant growing, architecture and construction. Previously, this way to improve the allotment was only available to

Fascinating almonds - decorative shrubs planting and care

To grow almonds decorative, planting and care must be performed correctly. Almond is a rather beautiful shrub. He has fragrant and very useful nuts. Almond in the spring period is very abundant and aromatic blooms. Noticing the flowering of this

Healing plants: jasmine shrub

Very beautiful looks in the garden elegant and always abundantly blooming jasmine - a shrub that many masters plant. White simple or terry-shaped flowers emit a pleasant aroma that resembles the smell of strawberries. It is especially strong at

Decor for the garden of their own hands +75 photo

A garden or a cottage in the modern sense is not just a garden, a hundred of land where fruit-berry plants grow, as well as trees that require constant care. The garden is a place where you can, first and foremost, have a good rest, dream, spend time

What is noticeable hydrangea paniculate (53 photos)

Its gorgeous inflorescences are fascinated by the hydrangea panicle, planting and caring for which are not difficult in the opinion of those who already grow this charming plant. Unusual beauty of a low shrub (up to 1.5 m) has already been evaluated

Plant katsaniya: annual or perennial

A beautiful and bright gatsaniya plant: an annual or perennial? Such uncertainty is due to the fact that it is perennial at home, and in Russia it is preferred to grow as an annual. In this article, read:1 The flower of the midday gold2 Properties

Pool in a country house: design in the interior and exterior

A small or large pond on the territory of a private house is a great idea, especially on hot summer days. A couple of decades ago, the private pool was the subject of an unprecedented luxury. Currently, such "water reservoirs" often allow themselves

How to care for a subaloid phlox

Phlox is subulate - this is a beautiful flower, the most common in the United States. It is one of the most unpretentious plants. The stylized phlox is a favorite of modern summer residents. The stylized phlox is planted with small lush islets.
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