Decor in the style of provence +75 photo decorating ideas

Light flowing fabrics, delicate floral patterns, refined vintage patina - Provencal motifs in the interior will not leave indifferent any guest at home. To make an original decor in the style of Provence with their own hands can each needlewoman who

Futurism in the interior +75 style photos

Futurism combines a group of avant-garde styles that originate in Russia and Italy in the years 1910-1920. The direction developed simultaneously in different areas of cultural life: painting, music, literature and poetry. The name of the style comes

Art nouveau in the interior in the photo examples

This style, since the last decades of the 19th century, quickly spread in all forms of art. First, visual arts, the work of European architects began to move away from the measured proportions, strict geometry. Just like other spheres, the Art

African style in the interior and its features

Africa has long remained a "conserved" continent that has not been affected by other cultures. Therefore, the style, formed on these expanses, retained its primitiveness and archaism. The dwellings of the indigenous tribes are usually laconic, as the

Design in provence style - french interior in apartment

1 The design of the apartment in the style of Provence provides an opportunity to create a real paradise, combining all the ease, ease and simplicity of the French village. Lovers of romance and gentle natures, this option will definitely have to

Country style in the interior +100 photo examples

Interior design in the country style is one of the most popular in many countries, and in each culture it has its own characteristics and differences. The unifying feature of this situation in art in all ethnic currents is the simplicity, comfort and

We embody pop art in the design of apartments +50 photo in

The style of pop art originated in the US and Western Europe in the middle of the last century. Its history lasts almost 70 years. Initially, he developed rapidly only in painting, then gradually switched to photography, sculpture, clothing and

Chinese style in the interior +50 photo

The venerable age of the civilization of the Celestial Empire determines the isolation of the unique Chinese culture. Although China also maintained trade with neighboring states, but never borrowed anything from foreigners. Chinese culture,

Colonial style in the interior

Colonial style refers to a group of classical trends. Its name was received in honor of the colonists, who, settling on foreign lands, not only brought with them their own traditions in the design of interiors, but also borrowed customs from local

Style minimalism in the interior - create the perfect design

The whole Japanese culture was built on the principles of minimalism. Since ancient times, the dwellings of the Japanese were made in strict accordance with the rules of harmonious simplicity: nothing was hung on the walls, instead of windows,
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