Gothic style in the interior +75 photo

Gothic - it's not only gloomy stone arches, lancet windows and stained glass windows. This description refers to public buildings and cathedrals. In the interior, the Gothic style, usually, is manifested in a softer version. It can be described as a

Art deco in the interior - features of style

Art Deco is a very popular, incredibly expressive, elegant, recognizable style that has long been loved by many modern designers. He always looks rich, elegant, giving pleasure to the contemplative given interior. It is most often used for decorating

Features of the space interior for 50 photos

The theme of space excites a man from time immemorial. Perhaps, this is the most hidden sphere, to study which lacks technical capabilities even in the century of progress. It is for this reason that she beckons with her mysteriousness, provoking

Mediterranean style in the interior - 40 photos of ideas

Everyone who was looking for a style for his house encountered a Mediterranean style in the interior, watched photos, admired. But very few people understand the whole "zest" of this style. In this article, we will try to uncover the mystery, reveal

Eclectic in the interior +75 photo style

Mixing, the competent layout of several styles, different objects that seemingly impossible to use in the same room is an eclectic in the interior. At registration of a dwelling, eclectics are chosen by nature fascinated, versatile, people with

French style in the interior of the apartment

France- The very word already evokes a lot of pleasant associations: exquisite luxury, unsurpassed finesse, high cost, high style. Today, among minimalism, functionality with high technologies, it is the French style in the interior that attracts

Style 60's in the interior: how to create

Implementing the colorful style of the 60's in the interior is quite easy and simple. It is allowed a combination of 3-4 or more colors. This feature does not limit the owners in creating bright design of living quarters, kitchens, hallways and

Style hi-tech in the interior - 25 inspirational photos

One of those styles that do not become obsolete over time, due to the constant introduction of a new one. The style of high-tech in the interior of an apartment or a house is the most advanced, modern, high-tech style of the existing ones (while not

Retro style in the interior

The word "retro" is used to refer to any things that were relevant in the past, but do not fit into the realities of our time. There is one more concept - vintage. In colloquial speech, they are often confused, although they are similar, but not

Art deco style in the interior - 30 photos of design ideas

1 Art Deco literally translated as "the art of decorating" from French. This stylistic trend, received the name from the international exhibition in 1925. Art deco style in the interior has always been chosen by the creative intelligentsia, the
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