Baroque style in the interior +45 photo design examples

Content The beginning of the Baroque era was the end of traditionalism, adherence to the classics. In the interior, as in all other spheres, magnificent and uncommon forms, dynamism, contrasting color solutions are welcomed. Main featuresЕго не

Provence style in the interior - 40 photos of design ideas

There is a huge number of trends in interior design that can bring comfort to the house. The most light and air among them is rightly considered the style of Provence in the interior. In this article we will tell you how to create a French oasis in

Grunge style in the interior - photo design

Today one of the fashion trends in contemporary art is becoming widespread: the grunge style in the interior. Today's world is developing rapidly, we often hurry somewhere, quickly get tired. In such conditions everybody wants to have a place where

Style fusion in the interior - bright design

One of the new areas of interior design has recently gained wide popularity - the style of fusion in the interior. An interesting enough, as well as contradictory combination of interior decoration, furniture, accessories, color palette is the exact

German style in the interior: description and description

When referring to the German direction in design, the first thing that comes to mind is neat, like toy houses, whitewashed facades of which are divided into separate sections by dark, narrow slats. Such a design of the exterior is called a

Constructivism in the interior +50 photo style

Constructivism belongs to a group of avant-garde styles. In the late XIX-early XX centuries in the fine arts began to arise new trends that completely denied the tradition. They clearly traced persistent attempts to find a new, previously unused. The

American style in the interior of apartments and houses

First of all, the American style in the interior will impress the sociable active people with democratic views, who are not attached to a rigid stylistic program and appreciate the comfort of home. It is also ideal for experimenters, because it is

Boho style in the interior + 50 ideas on the photo

In the modern interior there are the most amazing things, they are popular with people and are in great demand among lovers of novelty, freedom of thought, fantasy. A good example is the style of Boho in the interior. What is Boho? Its name comes

Victorian style in the interior

The Victorian style in the interior is considered one of the most recognizable all over the world. It is characterized by good elegance and classic luxury. There is no absurd combination of colors or unnecessary screaming details. This style is

Steampunk in the interior +75 photo style

Some prefer a calm, familiar classics in their home, while others are dipped in experiments with their heads. Such people want to create an exclusive environment around themselves that will breathe the individuality. It is for this category that a
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