Neoclassicism in the interior: the idea of ​​design

Even during the Renaissance, harmony began between the architectural parts, the decor, the drapery and the furniture. In the XVII century it became common for mansions in France, England and Holland. toc_container" class="toc_white

Soviet style in the interior +75 photo examples

The attitude of contemporaries to the interior of Soviet times can not be called unambiguous. There are apartments with sideboards, armchairs, floor lamps of the period of the USSR. In some they cause rejection, others have warm nostalgic feelings.

Interior in the style of the chalet - examples of design in

The historical homeland of the chalet style is southeast of France, not far from the Alps. These are cozy, warm houses with characteristic structural features in the form of a sloping roof, open terraces, from which it is so convenient to admire the

What are the styles of the interior - more than 30 photo

The interior design includes a multitude of cultures of different peoples, as well as ideas, layouts of contemporary design projects. To understand what kind of image appeals personally to your interests, you need to first get acquainted - what are

Moroccan style in the interior

Morocco remains for many of our compatriots a distant and unexplored country, which is somewhere in Africa. In fact, geographical location makes the state the owner of unique climatic conditions. Morocco rests comfortably in the northwest of the

We decorate the interior in a classic style - examples of

Classic style in the interior of an apartment or a country house is recommended for those who do not want to overload space with unnecessary details, preferring quiet restraint. If you turn to the original sources, then the "classic interior" should

The interior of the apartment in the classical style - 25

Classics for several centuries embodies impeccable taste, luxury and elegance. After completing the interior of the apartment in a classic style, you will get the perfect combination of beauty and practicality that will be relevant not only in the

Features of classicism in the interior

Classicism is a direction in architecture and design, the birth of which dates back to the beginning of the XVII century. Style has remained relevant in Europe for almost two centuries. Gradually, the main ideas of classicism spread beyond the Old

Russian style in the interior - 35 photos of ideas of

Recreating the Russian style, so colorful and diverse, more and more interested not only patriotic owners, but also Western designers. And if for the latter this style is a tribute to exotic fashion, only a Russian person can appreciate the legacy of

Apartment design in art nouveau +80 interior photo

An extensive concept of modernity is used not only in art, but also in architectural style. Its inception at the beginning of the 20th century was marked by a rapid spread throughout the world. At that time, the ideological component of the new trend
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