Style loft in the interior - bohemian and shocking

The style of the loft amazes with luxury, with its shocking decor. This direction in design combines two different images - bohemianism and the underground. Wealth, poverty unite together, demonstrating attractiveness. The old abandoned industrial

Greek style in the interior (25 photos) - from the past to

Ancient Greek culture left a priceless heritage to man. And it's not just about philosophy, myths or fragments of ancient amphorae. Its recognizable symbolism is now successfully used in many areas of human life. In particular, thanks to the

Scandinavian style: application in interior design

Almost all styles of decoration of the premises appeared in different localities or states. They show the peculiarities of the climate of the area, the customs of the living people and its nature. Not an exception is the Scandinavian style in the

Etchikol in the interior of the apartment and house

Increasingly there are inscriptions "bio", "organic" on food, household chemicals, clothing. "Green" and natural - the trend of modern life. Why not take a step forward to nature - create eco-style in the interior of the house. As a result, get a

Vintage style in the interior - the embodiment (20 photos)

To equip the vintage interior of the house with their own hands is not an easy matter and requires certain knowledge. The term "vintage" was first applied in winemaking, they were called wines with a long period of aging. Later with this term began

Interior of a village house - 30 design ideas inside

As with a single mention of a small house in the village, a neat clean room rises before your eyes and the warmth of a summer day, the aroma of herbs and freshly baked bread is felt, so the country style in the interior should be created from

Industrial style in the interior +50 photo design ideas

It is unusual and unusual to beat the industrial style in the interior is not difficult for multi-family and private houses. The engineering theme assumes the use of a simple finish, which has maximum practicality. Despite the dark color scheme

Style modern classic in the interior - photo design

The style is a modern classic in the interior, or neoclassicism is a symbiosis of classics and modernity that has absorbed the best from both directions. Elegant combination of romanticism and elegance, devoid of the traditional stiffness of the

Spanish style in the interior

Spain - a country of bullfighting and captivating dark-haired beauties, dancing flamenco, surviving difficult times in the past. It rose to unprecedented heights and just as quickly fell down to the feet of the Moorish conquerors. Typical for the

Oriental style in the interior of an apartment or house +55

Oriental style in the interior has a special magnetism, thanks to which the room is perceived as something fabulous. Fans of this style direction in every way try to convey all the magic of the east in creating a design of their own home. The
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