Fashionable kitchens 2016 - new trends in interior design

How will stylish and beautiful kitchens look like in 2016? New trends in interior design will tell us about it! New Year is already around the corner, which means it's time to say goodbye to fashion trends of 2015, and get acquainted with the new

Paintings for interior in loft style

To decorate the dwelling with paintings by mankind came up with so many years ago. To transfer visual images, thoughts, emotions to the canvas with the help of paints and brushes began literally at the beginning of the last millennium, while drawings

Trends of autumn 2015. what interior items are in fashion?

If you like to be in a trend, then this article is definitely for you. We present you a brief overview of the new collections of home decor produced by the world's leading brands: Cristian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, West Elm, Elitis, Designers Guild,

New year's garland - 20 ideas

Garlands are beautiful, original and festive, it's no surprise that they are a traditional decoration for the New Year. They can be simple and complex, monophonic or multicolored, made of paper, cones, fir branches, sweets and other improvised

10 simple ways to make a bathroom look expensive

How to create your own spa oasis without spending a lot of money? We offer 10 simple ideas that will help to give your bathroom a luxurious look: 1. Soft and fluffy accents Choose for the bathroom soft, fluffy, neutral in color towels and bathrobes,

Designing a private house with your own hands: decorating

If you want to build a private house from scratch, then start reading from our previous article: Designing a house. The layout of the rooms is thought out, but how do you make them look like a glossy magazine? Speaking of magazines. If you are going

Fashion trends for kitchen design in 2018

For many of us, the kitchen is the center of home comfort. Agree: this is more than just a place for cooking. It is in the kitchen that the whole family gathers for supper, and here all the most sincere conversations take place. Of course, linger

Clever pull-out systems for the kitchen - drawers and

It's no secret that various pull-out systems for the kitchen - boxes, shelves for spices and food baskets - make cooking much easier. With them, there is no need to rummage through the dark and deep shelves of the kitchen cabinets, looking for the

Modular paintings in the interior: types and rules of

Modular paintings - this is a single artistic plot, which is divided into separate parts. The idea of ​​using triptychs (three images) arose in the Renaissance. Modular paintings in those days were decorated with temples. As a rule, the central

How to choose a towel for the bathroom. which is better:

Do you want to go into the warm bathroom in the morning and wash without teeth? Looking for an easy way to dry a towel after a shower? A sensible solution is a bathroom towel warmer. Today we will tell you how to choose a towel warmer, what
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