Decorative and stylish shelves on the wall in the interior

Shelves in the interior have always been and will be a pleasant and functional addition to the overall design of the room. Business office, educational institution, shop, library, apartment, private house - there are shelves everywhere. Such

Griffel and chalk board: application in the interior +75

A simple slate in the interior can make a variety in any room. The idea of ​​using slate boards as a decor comes from France. There, such boards make out the entrance to the cafe, so that visitors are aware of the current menu. In the living rooms,

Bathroom design: ideas, tips and photos

Did you know that under King Louis XIV in Versailles there were more than 100 bathrooms, and also a huge octagonal marble bath built especially for the king? Or, what else did the ancient Romans build large thermal baths, which later became an

20+ bathrooms, from which breathtaking!

Just think: according to statistics, each person spends about two weeks a year in the bathroom. But about the same time we have allocated for annual holidays! Is it, considering this, it makes no sense to make your bathroom become a beautiful and

Spring decor - how and what to decorate the interior in 2018

Let's admit: who among us loves the last month of winter? I think there are very few people like that. Even though the ancient Romans took care to make it the shortest in the year, February still drags on for a long time with its short gray days and

How to decorate a christmas tree for the new year 2018 -

The holiday is approaching and it is necessary to make a decision about how to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year so that a fairy tale and magic fill the space, time and human consciousness. With the task to cope any person who is hungry for

Forged candlesticks on the wall - 25 photos with ideas of

Since ancient times art forging has pleased people with its beauty, elegance and uniqueness. The metal, heated to a thousand degrees of temperature, is transformed into works of art in the hands of a skilled smith. Forged wall candlesticks will give

Modern elements and interior decoration items

In ancient times, architecture began with the construction of dwellings, then people began to erect monuments and symbolic structures in honor of rulers and deities in which they believed. Naturally, these monumental buildings were, if possible,

We install railing for the kitchen - 25 photos in the

The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that need strict organization. Each item here should have its place - pots, pans, bowls, spices, cereals, kitchen accessories, appliances and accessories, regardless of their number. And a variety of

How to decorate a house for the new year 2016 - trends and

"How you will meet the New Year, so you will spend it." We may not believe the signs, but we always try to meet on January 1, especially - with special people and in a special atmosphere. In today's article on Dekorin you will learn how to decorate a
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