Fashionable tiles and other trends in the design of the

Dear readers of Dekorin, this is the continuation of our article "Modern design of the bathroom - ideas and photos 2016", which you can read on this link. And here we continue to consider 10 popular trends in bathroom design. So… 6. Fashionable

20 ways to decorate an asian-style bathroom

Want to have a bathroom that is both luxurious and calm in the spirit of the spa? Then decorate it in a refined Asian style, combining all the best from both. We offer 20 original ideas for creating an Asian-style bathroom! Bathroom in Asian style is

Photo frames in the interior - 50 photos of ideas

Photos remind of important moments in life, dear loved ones. Good photographs can be an effective decoration of the room and fundamentally change the style of the interior. On sale are photo frames made in different styles. They are used to decorate

Sacking in the interior - decor by own hands +80 photo

Sacking in the interior is a very popular trend recently among many famous designers. Being a kind of flax fibers, jute, kenaf, hemp of rough type, this cloth forms a rare interlacing. If you look closely, small cells can be seen on it, which easily

Top 30 ideas for home, embodied with their own hands

A fresh selection of 30 ideas for the house, which everyone can do with their own hands! In the beginning of autumn it can be very difficult to reconcile with the fact that the summer, which you had not waited so long, was already over. At the same

Aquarium design - 20 photo samples

When designing the interior of your apartment, the design of the aquarium plays an important role. Since in a removable room, as a rule, it can rarely be found. The aquarium with live fish has become a symbol of stability and reliability. Thus, he

Mirrors in the interior - decorate and expand the space

Increase the quality of the interior easily with decorative elements. Such find is not difficult - mirrors in the interior of any room perfectly solve this problem. In addition to the function of the accessory, they perfectly cope with the practical

12 kinds of paintings for the interior with their own hands

The decor completes the decoration of the house, but the most exciting and creative stage begins with it. In modern interior solutions, it has become fashionable to replace the purchased items with ones created by oneself. The handmade technique is

Kitchen in country style: secrets of rural comfort + 25

There are many beautiful cuisines (you could read about this in our article The most stylish kitchen for 2016). Some of them can be admired in the distance, but the country style kitchen is ideal for use. The village simplicity and the habitable kind

Storage of vegetables in the kitchen: the right conditions

Proper storage of vegetables and fruits allows you to extend their freshness and save money on the next purchase of products. But coming back from the market or supermarket, we just load all the goods from the packages into the refrigerator, not
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