Autumn decor for the house with your own hands (30+ ideas)

The beginning of October is the time when we are no longer sad for the summer and start enjoying the bright colors and generous gifts of autumn. There is something at the beginning of each new season that makes us want changes in our lives, turn over

Attractive chandelier in the bathroom - 40 photos in the

Good lighting is very important for the bathroom. Therefore, during the repair it is worth considering the selection of the right chandelier for the bathroom. Often in such premises there is no natural light source, considering this, it is necessary

33 ideas for decorating a coffee table

The coffee table is the central object of almost any living room, which means that it should pleasantly please the eye and interest guests at home, creating topics for conversation. However, as a rule, these tables are decorated with either old

Decor in the bathroom - 36 photos with interesting ideas

Being the smallest room in the apartment, the bathroom often remains without decorations. After all, many believe that in its interior there should not be any unnecessary details. Well, in vain! And today you will know why. Dekorin will tell you what

Watch in the interior +75 photo examples

Beautiful and stylish chronometers can be installed in any room. They allow you to easily monitor the time, emphasize the originality of the design of the premises. There are many models that differ in size, installation method. You can choose the

Ornamental letters for interior decoration +56 photo

The house is not just a man's fortress, where he can spend time with his family, relax after a day's work. He, like clothes, is able to express the inner essence of personality, thanks to certain decorative elements, interior solutions and findings.

Kitchen utensils and dishes: we compare quality and style

The season of holidays is coming, so soon the hostesses will spend a lot of time for cooking experiments and preparing delicious dishes. Correctly selected kitchen utensils and utensils make it possible to receive much more pleasure from the process,

Wall clock design: 15 ways to decorate yourself

A stylish wall clock can improve the design of any room. They can be made or decorated with their own hands. Such work is possible for everyone and takes a minimum of time. Collect the original chronometer from scratch, using vinyl records, plywood

Accents of yellow in the interior - a new trend 2016

Do you want to update your interior design? Then follow the modern fashion trends along with the Dekorin website! Today we present to you a new trend that will surely please many - yellow color, or rather bright accents of yellow in the interior. If

Artificial flowers for home interior - 25 photo examples

Everyone agrees that the flowers create a cozy atmosphere, give the interior a finished look. Psychologists also argue that they improve the mood and contribute to balancing the psychoemotional state. Therefore, it is so important to pay special
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