Fashionable bathroom design 2015

The ideal bathroom today is a place that combines luxury, comfort and relaxation. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to choose the right design element: furniture, tiles, plumbing, lamps etc. In this article, we suggest that you look at the

How to choose a picture for the interior

At first glance, pictures are just another decoration of the interior, which does not play any special role in the situation. But with the help of a well-chosen image, you can change a lot: smooth out the excessive angularity of the furniture,

10 ways to use pastel tones in the interior

In new interior design projects, you can often notice pastel colors. Warm and refreshing at the same time, these shades make the houses and apartments look especially cozy and friendly, regardless of the style of decoration. In this article we will

Lace in the interior +50 ideas of lace decor for home

Noble lace in the interior will make the design of any room elegant and luxurious. The present lace always had a high price, served as an attribute of prosperity and high social status. Belgian lace patterns are the very first examples of this

Learning to decorate small rooms: 40 decor ideas

Turn your tiny home into a chic and stylish palace! What impression your home will produce does not depend on its size, but on what interior decor you choose. The size of furniture and other items, the color of walls and ceilings - everything matters

Bathroom in loft style - design features and 30 photos

A non-standard and effective bathroom in loft style will allow you to get even more pleasure from water procedures. The secret of popularity of this design today is the unique combination of rough materials, vintage sanitary ware and industrial

Outdoor vases in the interior +51 photos of different styles

Beautiful furniture, original wall decoration, stylish curtains - all this is an integral part of the design of the room. But only such insignificant things at first glance, like souvenirs, photo frames, decorative pillows, etc. can make a room

How to turn a bathroom into a spa

Relaxation. We all need it, but we do not always succeed with such dense work schedules and a lot of domestic worries. No time or money to regularly pamper yourself with hikes in the spa? It's okay, because you can have a spa in your own home! No

Bouquets and compositions of artificial flowers

Compositions of artificial flowers interiors were adorned from ancient times. Traditionally, they were made of textiles, paper, clay, ceramics. Time passed, and materials and techniques of manufacturing changed. If earlier, the creation of each bunch

Charming provence style in the bathroom - 30 photos

Romantic French Provence style is ideal for those who love refined and cozy interiors. In this article we have collected 30 best photos demonstrating how can the style of Provence in the bathroom, including - what furniture, tiles and accessories
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