Decorative cells +75 photos of design and manufacturing

Traditionally, decorative cells in the interior are used when it is required to decorate space in the style of Provence. But other similar interior directions can also have cells in the decor that are filled with the most unexpected things.        

How to turn a bathroom into a beautiful relaxation room

Do you want to make the bathroom more cozy, comfortable and hospitable part of your house? Then take an example for its design and decoration at the living room! With the help of a couple of touches borrowed from this room, you can turn your bathroom

Stylish decor with your own hands: crafts made of concrete

Believe it or not, but concrete is a very versatile material that looks attractive in any interiors and can be used to create a stylish decor with your own hands. Looking at the following selection of crafts from the site Dekorin, you will be

Decorative fireplace by own hands +100 photo

A real fireplace can bring incredible comfort and coziness. But such a home is not only available in private homes and some townhouses, but also in ordinary apartments. Here a decorative hearth comes to the rescue. You can make it yourself from

Ethnic style in the interior - 39 photos of rooms

Do you like to travel and want your apartment to have the national flavor of a loved country? Apply ethnic style in the interior of any of the rooms! Such design will constantly give you joy and inspiration, as well as delight your guests. But for

Home decor ideas in different styles

To give you a new source of inspiration, we have gathered here 75 fresh ideas of home decor: simple, bold, unexpected and even a bit strange. Modern, classical and exotic - some of them can be embodied with their own hands with the use of improvised

Decorating the walls with decorative plates +75 photo

Modern designers recommend using decorative plates to give individuality to your interior. If you locate them correctly, taking into account the recommendations of professionals, this will dramatically transform your housing and place emphasis. In

Beautiful kitchen 2015: trends and photos

At the end of last year, we prepared for you material about the expected trends in kitchen design for 2015 (read the article here). Now that it is in full swing, it's time to look at the latest work of interior designers and evaluate what they really
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